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Don’t miss a moment of airline pilot Peter Weber’s search for lasting love

One of reality TV’s most guilty pleasures, The Bachelor is back for another weekly dose of emotional turbulence.

The Bachelor franchise has kept loved-up viewers entertained for nearly two decades, leaving a trail of tear-filled limo exits while also being responsible for several televised weddings. Now in its 24th season, the lucky man dishing out the roses this time out is Delta Airlines pilot Peter Weber, who will be trying his best to find THE ONE from 30 hopeful  [Read More…]

Love — and apparently the Galaxy Z Flip — will be in the air on February 14

The perfect gift for your valentine.

What you need to know The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will reportedly be launched on Valentine’s Day. T-Mobile and Sprint — and possibly AT&T — will carry the handset. There might also be an unlocked version of the phone.

Unlike with the Galaxy S20 series, it has been hard to nail down many of the details surrounding the Galaxy Z Flip’s availability and pricing. As we draw closer to both phones’  [Read More…]

Motorola RAZR review: I wanted to love it, but here’s why I’m returning it

Too many compromises, for too much money.

Motorola RAZR: The review Stunning design Folding display Average Battery Poor Camera Mid-range Specs Good Performance Great Software Final Verdict

This is the hardest review I’ve ever written. We’re at the beginning of the foldable era, and we’ve already seen one foldable go through some questionable times, although Samsung was able to rectify the issues with the Galaxy Fold.

When Motorola revealed the 2020 RAZR back in November,  [Read More…]

Microsoft shows Google some love, ports Edge feature to Chrome

The ability to move multiple tabs to a new window is being ported from Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome.

What you need to know Microsoft isn’t only taking Google’s browser tech for its own. The company is also contributing to the Chromium project. A feature found in Microsoft Edge is being ported over to Chromium and Chrome.

While Microsoft may have thrown up its arms and submitted to Google’s dominance in the browser space by porting Edge  [Read More…]

Baby Yoda you love, so A Bear you shall Build

But patience you must have since they’re not out yet.

What you need to know Build-A-Bear will offer a stuffed version of The Child ( also known as Baby Yoda) from The Mandalorian. The new plush will be available in a few months. No official plush Baby Yoda merchandise is available yet.

Build-A-Bear will be among the earliest flock of Baby Yoda plush options when everyone’s favorite new Ewok replacement finally hits store shelves. Business Insider quotes  [Read More…]

Sport your love for The Mandalorian with these Baby Yoda tees

Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian (available on Disney Plus) is one of the most popular Star Wars characters right now simply because of how cute he is. Fans everywhere are desperately trying to get their hands on apparel based on the little guy. Thankfully, despite the lack of available official merchandise, there’s plenty of fan-made Baby Yoda-themed wearables out there for The Mandalorian fans. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

Our favorite Cute I Am, Adore Me You  [Read More…]

Love to go sans phone, but can you stay connected with the Fossil Gen 5?

Best answer: No. While the Fossil Gen 5 is the newest device from the watchmaker and it uses Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 3100, it does not have a cellular radio for LTE connectivity.

Freedom from your phone: TicWacth Pro 4G/LTE ($ 299 at Amazon) Another way: Samsung Galaxy Active 2 LTE (Pre-order from $ 279 at Samsung) No LTE here: Fossil Gen 5 ($ 295 at Amazon) Can’t hear me now

Fossil is one of the few Wear  [Read More…]

Android Q features you’ll love: Higher-quality audio and video

Android Q includes two significant features that will make your media look and sound better than ever, as well as the tools for developers to make sure it happens.

Everyone has a different set of rules when it comes to how they use their phone, but one thing most everyone has in common is enjoying audio and video on the go. The bright vibrant display on your phone is perfect for watching a movie or a show  [Read More…]

Android Q features you’ll love: Games will be better on weaker hardware

By borrowing a tool from Chrome, Android Q will run OpenGL ES features on your phone’s GPU no matter the version.

One of the coolest under the hood changes of Android Q is the implementation of ANGLE, the Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine. It’s one of those things that you’ll never see or know is there if it’s working properly, but will let your phone run games using it’s native GPU hardware APIs even if it was  [Read More…]

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is more complex than Pokémon Go, and we love it

Though the game is only in beta, Wizards Unite is already far more complex than Pokémon Go.

The more we see of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite beta, the more excited we become. The posts that we see coming out of the Reddit threads show a game with a huge amount of content, from new types of Points of Interests (POI) to multi-layered raids called Fortresses that allow you to fight more than one boss. The beta  [Read More…]