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Google’s making a smart headphone cable that can control your music

Right now, it’s just a prototype.

Google Smart Braid Fiber Optics

What you need to know The helical sensing matrix (HSM) using E-textiles are currently in the prototype phase. Interactions can be done via pinching, sliding, twisting, and other ways to control various devices and programs Fiber optic strands can be woven into the fabric to give visual feedback through light.

Google has been experimenting with fabrics for a while  [Read More…]

Hey Google — how about making a phone with a MediaTek processor?

Someone has to break the West’s dependence on Qualcomm for the “flagship” Android phone market and it might as well be Google.

The tech world on the Android side is dangerously close to free-fall mode. Many companies are losing money, others are close but still breaking even, and it’s only predicted to get even worse. But during the last quarter, there was one company that seemingly fiddled while it watched the industry burn even though it was  [Read More…]

How to watch Making the Cut online from anywhere

Having hosted Project Runway for 16 seasons, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are back with a new fashion reality show – this time for Amazon – read on to find out how to stream Making The Cut. The show takes 12 established designers from around the world as they compete for a $ 1million cash prize and the chance to become the next global fashion brand.

While there’s likely to be a familiar feel to proceedings for fans of Klum  [Read More…]

Are you making the most of your Amazon Prime UK membership?

You might not know it, but your Amazon Prime subscription comes with a ton of benefits for UK users besides the free one-day shipping. With streaming video and music, books and audiobooks, photo storage, and much more either included with your subscription or available at a discounted rate for Prime members, it’s much more than just an expedited delivery service.

Whether you’re new to Prime or have subscribed for years, there’s probably more value you could get out of your  [Read More…]

Survey shows Google is making health a big focus for Wear OS

The company is considering a variety of features, such as SoO2, sleep apnea, and stress tracking, to name just a few.

What you need to know Google seemingly wants to make health a big focus for Wear OS going forward. In a new survey sent out as part of the company’s User Experience Research program, the company quizzed users on which health and fitness features they’d like to see on their Wear OS smartwatch. The list of  [Read More…]

Xiaomi is making a SIM card that could make microSD cards redundant

The proprietary card is likely to be offered only in China.

What you need to know Xiaomi is developing a SIM card that can also be used as a microSD card. The card will have the standard SIM technology on one side and flash memory on the other side. The “hybrid” card is likely to be compatible only with Xiaomi devices.

A dedicated microSD card slot used to be a standard feature on Android phones a few  [Read More…]

The Verizon Galaxy S9 is making the leap to Android 10

One UI 2.0 comes along for the ride.

What you need to know Samsung is rolling out Android 10 to the Verizon Galaxy S9. The update brings One UI 2.0 for the ride. AT&T has also updated the S9 to Android 10.

While everyone’s enamored with Android 11 and the Samsung Galaxy S20, older phones still need love too. Samsung is continuing its rollout of Android 10 for the S9, this time bringing it to the Verizon  [Read More…]

How Microsoft is making sure dual-screen apps are done right

Microsoft is treating dual-screen devices the way they need to be treated — as a new platform.

Foldables and other dual-display extra-large phone screens are already a thing. The Galaxy Fold may not have sold millions and millions of units, but after some changes were made to the initial design, the people invested in it love the thing. Motorola is slated to release one very soon. LG has something very similar with the LG G8X. And Microsoft  [Read More…]

Check out the making of Rajang in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Some amusing inside looks at the process of motion capture.

What you need to know Rajang is a powerful beast in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Rajang was added to the expansion in a post-launch update. Capcom’s team had a lot of fun performing the motion capture for Rajang’s trailer. Capcom released a video of the process on Twitter.

Need to see something a little lighthearted? Capcom has you covered, as the company recently released a funny behind-the-scenes  [Read More…]

Twitter’s pinned lists feature is making its way to Android

Build your own custom timeline with lists.

What you need to know Twitter is bringing pinned lists support to its Android app. The firm introduced it nearly a whole year ago for iOS users. While the feature can be enabled with some tweaking, it’s not exactly clear when it’ll become generally available.

In 2019, announced list pinning, a feature that lets you effectively create custom timelines by pinning lists to the app’s home page. Lists, if you  [Read More…]