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Becoming a better writer can help you in many facets of life—this bundle is designed to turn you into one

Everyone can write, but not everyone is capable of writing well. Even if you’re not a professional writer or plan on ever being one, having superior writing skills can benefit various facets of your life. From writing an email to your boss as to how you deserve a promotion or putting together a Craigslist ad and enticing people to buy your old cabinet, having the proficiency to weave compelling and powerful words together can take you places.

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YouTube and other Google services go down for many

And no, you still can’t go outside.

What you need to know YouTube and other Google services are down. Users began reporting being unable to stream or comment on March 26th. The outage appears to be concentrated around the United States, Western Europe, and Japan.

Always a regular source of entertainment and distraction, YouTube has suddenly gone down. Reports began flooding social media and DownDetector on March 26th as users found themselves unable to upload videos, stream  [Read More…]

Spotify’s web service is down for many people (Update: Working again)

It was down for around six hours on Monday.

Update, 3:30pm ET, March 16: It looks like the Spotify web app has resumed functioning after a six-hour downtime. Is your Spotify service working again?

What you need to know Spotify’s web app is down for many people in North America and Western Europe. Mobile and native desktop apps are working fine. No word on when the outage will be over.

As many people beginning their new work-from-home  [Read More…]

Microsoft Teams goes down as many switch to remote working

Online learners and workers will have to deal with a Microsoft Teams outage to start their week.

What you need to know Microsoft Teams is down for many people across Europe. The outage is at a bad time since many people will work from home this week due to coronavirus. Microsoft is investigating the issue.

Microsoft Teams is down for many users across Europe. The Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account posted about the outage early this morning,  [Read More…]

How many Ethernet ports are there on an eero?

Best answer: The Eero mesh router and eero Pro each have two auto-detecting Ethernet ports. When one of these is hooked up to a modem or other connection source, the second can be used to connect another device to the Internet. The eero Beacon is exclusively a mesh network extender, and as such has no Ethernet ports.

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More customers flee Sprint but not as many as feared

Still seeing the world through magenta-colored glasses.

What you need to know Sprint announced Q3 results with losses and churn less than anticipated. Postpaid customer loss is accelerating and revenue is down compared to last year’s Q3. The company hopes approval of its merger with T-Mobile will end its troubles.

Analsyst predicted Sprint would lose 160,000 postpaid subscribers this past quarter, but the nation’s fourth largest carrier instead lost 115,000 customers as more than expected stayed to  [Read More…]

Google may be working on as many as three mid-range Pixel 4s, one with 5G

While we thought we’d get just the Pixel 4a in 2020 (with no XL variant), Google may be looking to drown us in a sea of mid-range Pixel phones instead. That’s just as well, given the company’s penchant for using fish names to describe its phones internally. And also because those fishy code names are behind these latest musings about Google’s plans for Pixel this year by XDA Developers.

Buried within the open-source code for Android — called  [Read More…]

CES 2020 had so many good dogs — these are the best ones

Did you know there were dogs at this event? Because there are dogs at this event.

Most people think CES and immediately think smartwatches, self-driving cars, new laptops, and some crazy new AR glasses. The truth is, CES genuinely has something for everyone. From nightmarish, hyper-realistic installations from your favorite TV shows to live performances from Janelle Monae, it’s a pretty great way to explore the future.

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After so many years, MIUI will finally get an app launcher

It’s one of the most requested features for Xiaomi’s phones.

What you need to know Xiaomi is adding an app launcher to MIUI 11. Users will still have the option of using the ‘classic’ iOS-style app lists. MIUI 11 will be rolling out to various Xiaomi phones by the end of the year.

If you’ve ever read a review for a Xiaomi phone or bought one for yourself, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the ‘software shock’ that comes with  [Read More…]

How many Amazon Echoes do you need for your home?

Best answer: It depends on the size of your house, but three or four well-placed Echo speakers should give you decent coverage with Alexa throughout most homes. The choice then comes down to where you think you’ll best use Alexa. The most popular areas would be in the bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen.

Smart Hub: Amazon Echo Plus (2nd gen) + Free Smart Bulb ($ 150 at Amazon) Ubiquitious Utility: Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen)  [Read More…]