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Here’s how to use Google Maps without any sort of internet connection

I’ve been on many a trip where I didn’t have a good cell signal or Wi-Fi, and really needed to know where I was going. Thank goodness that Google Maps allows you to download maps of broad areas for offline use. You can also have them update with the latest information when you are back online. This little tip is also handy if you’re in an area with congested cell signals, risk of low or no signals, or  [Read More…]

Google’s super-simple Plus Codes location system rolls out to Maps app

No address? No problem.

What you need to know Plus Codes are a new addition to Maps that use latitude and longitude coordinates to create “digital” addresses, even in areas without a traditional address. Plus Codes are searchable in Google Maps, just like a regular address. Google is making its digital address technology open source for developers to use as they see fit.

Your address is just as much a part of your identity as your phone  [Read More…]

Google Maps improvements support essential workers, wheelchair users

These Google Maps updates offer additional support to people who need it now more than ever.

What you need to know Google has rolled out two new community-minded changes to Maps. The first highlights businesses which make accommodations for wheelchair accessibility. The second will make it easier for frontline workers to find hotels and lodging which offer special deals.

Google is rolling out two updates to Google Maps that reward more thoughtful business owners. The first is  [Read More…]

Time is running out to convert your old Minecraft maps to the PS4

It might be time to switch.

What you need to know Minecraft is available on a ton of different platforms, including older systems like the Playstation 3. People on these platforms still enjoy Minecraft, but these older systems are being left behind. This is the last month players can convert their maps from the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita to the Playstation 4. This will let you access all your old maps and worlds, when you do  [Read More…]

How to save locations in Google Maps and why it’s so useful

A little organization goes a long way.

If you’ve ever opened Google Maps and felt a little overwhelmed with everything it has to offer, we don’t blame you. Maps is one of the strongest services in Google’s arsenal, but learning the ropes of how everything works isn’t exactly easy.

A few of Maps’ biggest and best features can be found on its bottom navigation bar, one of which is Saved Lists. Taking full advantage of your Saved  [Read More…]

How Google Maps can help you never be late to work ever again

Before you leave for work, read this.

As far as turn-by-turn navigation apps go, Google Maps is one of the best out there. It has highly-accurate location data, is easy to use, and comes pre-installed on all Android phones. Google’s been fine-tuning the Maps formula for years, and where it’s at now is better than it’s ever been before.

For example, did you know Google Maps is an excellent tool for planning your commute to work? From  [Read More…]

Google Maps feature request: Let me truly customize my transit directions

For many people, quality transit information is far more important than driving directions and traffic.

I’m a huge advocate for taking public transit. Whether you’re living in a city or just visiting, if you’re fortunate enough to have access to a public train system, you should use it when possible. Google Maps does a great job of showing transit directions, which really lowers the barrier for using public transit while traveling.

But as you get familiar with  [Read More…]

Google Maps turns 15, gets a design refresh and new features

Google will also be rolling out an update to the Live View feature within Maps later this year.

What you need to know Google Maps is celebrating its 15th birthday. To celebrate, Google has introduced a new icon for Maps, along with a few new features. The updated Google Maps app with the new look will begin rolling out on both iOS and Android today.

Get More Pixel 3a Google Pixel 3a

  [Read More…]

Artist creates fake traffic jams in Google Maps with 99 phones and a wagon

Not all art is beautiful.

What you need to know Artist Simon Weckert was able to create a virtual traffic jam in Google Maps using a cartful of smartphones. He took advantage of Google Maps crowdsourcing capabilities by running navigation on 99 phones and pulling them through the streets of Germany in a wagon. This caused the streets to light up as congested on Google Maps which could lead to drivers being rerouted to other roads.

Google  [Read More…]

Suunto 7 is a WearOS smartwatch with offline outdoor maps, 70+ sports modes

An impressive new sports-focused WearOS smartwatch that offers reasonable battery life.

What you need to know Suunto 7 is the company’s very first WearOS smartwatch. The sports-focused smartwatch comes with free offline outdoor maps, wrist heart rate sensor, and GPS tracking. It will be available for purchase in the U.S. starting January 31 for $ 479.

Suunto today unveiled its very first smartwatch to be powered by Google’s Wear OS platform. Called Suunto 7, the new smartwatch  [Read More…]