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Build a website that boosts your business with GoDaddy Websites + Marketing

Even the least web-savvy entrepreneurs know that you can’t have a business without a solid website. But you can’t just whip up a decent-looking site, turn it on, and expect business to come pouring through. Turns out, digital marketing is a bit more complicated than that.

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Leaked Galaxy S20 marketing materials show off the series’ awesome cameras

Looks like the S20 Ultra’s got one big camera.

What you need to know Even more Galaxy S20 series leaks dropped today. This time, it’s the phones’ marketing materials. They do a good job of differentiating the phones’ camera sensors.

There’s just one more day to go before Samsung’s execs take to the stage in San Francisco to unveil the company’s upcoming flagships — and let’s not forget that cute foldable. Yet, there’s very little that they  [Read More…]

Is 5Ge technology evolution or just marketing?

Best answer: 5Ge is the same thing as 4G LTE Advanced and has almost nothing to do with true 5G. True 5G uses new, more efficient technology to improve the speed and consistency of a wireless network.

Powerful Verizon phone with true 5G: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G ($ 1300 at Verizon) Flagship phone for Sprint’s 5G network: LG V50 ThinQ 5G ($ 1152 at Sprint) Good 4G is not 5G

5Ge is short for 5G Evolution, which  [Read More…]

Create polished marketing videos for $29 with Wave.Video

Many successful marketing campaigns use video to get an idea or product across. However, if you’re a new company launching a crowdfunding campaign, you’re likely tied for resources as is, and hiring a videographer or marketing agency to handle video for you can be expensive. Luckily, Wave.Video makes it easy to create polished marketing videos, and you can sign up for as low as $ 9.

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Become a social media marketing master for just $29!

Every job posting you see lately has something in common: they want someone who has experience with social media and marketing. Even at your current job, it seems like the people getting noticed and moving ahead are experts in the world of Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. How are you supposed to climb the ladder or finally nab the job you really want if your only social media experience is the cat video you posted on Facebook last week?

Social media  [Read More…]

Learn all about digital marketing in 2017 for only $19

Digital marketing is so important in 2017 for all businesses, but especially for smaller and mid-sized companies trying to separate from the rest of the pack. Knowing how to use social media, Google Analytics, SEO, and AdWords effectively is crucial — but where to begin?

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Despite its marketing message, T-Mobile is once again just another big carrier

Some of us have seen through the T-Mobile hype. Others need to catch up.

As we near the CES show in Las Vegas the first week of January, T-Mobile is hyping up yet another “Un-carrier” event. Unlike previous iterations we’re now done with sequentially numbering these Un-carrier releases (I think we’d be at 13 now?), and instead it’s being marketed as “Un-carrier Next.” Truth be told the iterations of Un-carrier releases really started to lose meaning  [Read More…]

HTC’s Vive marketing chief leaves for Google-backed Magic Leap

HTC’s Executive Director of Global Marketing for its connected product division, Jeff Gattis, has left the company to join the mysterious Google-back augmented reality company, Magic Leap.

Lyft slapped with FCC citation over its marketing practices

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a citation to ride-sharing service Lyft for a violation of the Communications Act of 1934. Specifically, Lyft has been cited for breaking rules regarding the use of autodialers and prerecorded messages in advertising.

… and LG takes the lead in the Android Wear marketing race

Ah, the extremely rare Star Trek/Knight Rider/Inspector Gadget trifecta. Well played, LG. Well played.

Your move, Motorola.