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Zoom users must update the desktop app to continue joining meetings

Zoom is rolling out new GCM encryption, beginning May 30.

What you need to know Zoom is rolling out GCM encryption across its platform this weekend. That means if you want to keep using Zoom and joining meetings, you need to update. If you can’t update the desktop client, you can use the mobile app or the web client instead

Popular video-conferencing app Zoom has announced that users must update their desktop client after this weekend in  [Read More…]

Google Calendar for Android makes scheduling meetings much easier

Google is rolling out a new feature to Google Calendar that should make scheduling meetings much easier. Available for Google Apps for Work and Edu users, the new “find a time” button will automatically pick out the best times for a meeting based on the schedules of everyone in the group.

From Google:

With a single tap, “Find a time” helps you find meeting times that work for everyone—even if they’re in different time  [Read More…]

Acer announces new Chromebox for meetings CXV2

Acer has announced a new entry into its Chromebox lineup with the Chromebox for meetings CXV2.

Google introduces new ‘Chromebox for meetings’ hardware bundle for $1,999

Google offers businesses a way to add more people to their video conferencing sessions with a new “Chromebox for meetings” hardware bundle.

In February 2014, Google first launched “Chromebox for meetings”, a service which combined a Chromebox with a camera, speakers and other hardware and software for small businesses to quickly get into video conferencing. Now, the company has launched a new ‘Chromebox for meetings’ hardware bundle designed for larger businesses to hold their own video  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: The Miami meetings …

I and the other Mobile Nations editors spent much of last week in Miami, working on the future of the organization of our organization. And giving me the excuse to use this picture you now enjoy here. (From the G4, with some HDR and post-processing love.) It’s always great to actually see the people you work with. We don’t get to do that often enough. And that we tend to do it at the opposite end of  [Read More…]