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Here’s what the revamped Android 11 power menu will look like

Android 11’s Power Menu will work better with smart home devices

What you need to know Android’s power button menu will get built-in smart home controls with Android 11. Hints of the upcoming feature were spotted in developer documentation earlier in the year. New screenshots show us what the finished product might look like.

Google is continuing the revamp of Android’s power button menu it started this year. With the second Pixel Feature Drop, it added Cards  [Read More…]

YouTube Music gets a much-needed update to the playback menu

It’s easier to shuffle and repeat, lyrics are finally here and easy to use. Please don’t make me wait three weeks to get this update on my phone. Please.

What you need to know YouTube Music is beginning a roll out of a new playback screen on its Android app. The new UI puts the repeat and shuffle buttons on the playback screen rather than a queue screen. It also features the addition of lyrics to supported  [Read More…]

Google Photos is getting a big redesign that axes the hamburger menu

The ‘Albums’ tab has been replaced by a ‘Library.’

What you need to know Google is rolling out a new design for the Photos app on Android. Among the most notable changes in it are the removal of the search bar and the hamburger menu up top. Their myriad settings and features have now been distributed among the five tabs in the bottom bar.

Google has slowly been making the bottom bar and a tabbed interface more  [Read More…]

Google adds a splash of paint to the Quick Settings menu in Android 11

There’ll be a choice of four colors for Quick Settings tiles.

What you need to know The first Android 11 Developer Preview was released earlier this week. In it is evidence that the company is playing around with adding more colors to the Quick Settings panel. The colors that are currently being tested are blue, yellow, red, and green.

The Android 11 Developer Preview is finally available. And with each new release, the question that’s on everyone’s  [Read More…]

SoftBank likes what Bear Robotics has on the menu

Soon a robot will be the one to spit in your food instead of a human.

What you need to know Bear Robotics makes Penny, a robot food server assistant. The company recently raised $ 32 million in Series A funding, led by SoftBank. Penny is in testing and will be leased to restaurants and other food-serving establishments.

SoftBank has bet some pocket change (by SoftBank standards) on a robotics company that specializes in food service. TechCrunch  [Read More…]

Google Maps’ latest update ditches the slide-out menu for the bottom bar

Most of the settings found in the side menu have been relocated to the account switcher.

What you need to know Google’s navigation app is getting a new design. The app ditches the slide-out menu on the left in favor of an expanded bottom bar with more shortcuts. The account switcher now houses many of the settings previously found in the hamburger menu.

The newest version of Google’s mapping application comes with a fresh coat of paint,  [Read More…]

With Android 10, Google finally says goodbye to the Menu button

There’s one more button in heaven, one more star in the sky.

What you need to know Readers on the XDA forums spotted a bug report complaining that menu button support had ceased. Google responded, saying that the feature had been phased out. Menu button support has been waning since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The original Android device, the T-Mobile G1 in the U.S., shipped with a number of hardware buttons adorning its chin, including Home  [Read More…]

Here’s how much faster the Share menu in Android 10 really is

In its internal study, Google found 99% of Android 10 users can see the Share UI in just 103 milliseconds or less.

What you need to know Google detailed the changes it made to make the share sheet in Android 10 much faster at the Android Dev Summit held this past week. With Android 10, Google replaced Direct Share with the new Sharing Shortcuts API, which allows apps to preload direct share targets. An internal study conducted  [Read More…]

How to access the hidden menu on the PlayStation Classic

Within hours of the PlayStation Classic being released, people found a special hidden menu that allowed them to access extra features, allowing them to change regions and add visual effects. Unfortunately, it was also difficult to access without the right tools and those tools were expensive. Thankfully, due to the hard work of several people in the modding community, we have a safe and easy way to access those hidden menus.

Products used in this guide Flashy thumbs:  [Read More…]

Fixing Android’s share menu is a ‘priority’ for Google

Android’s share menu is bad. Google knows that and is fixing it.

The latest update to Android — 9 Pie — has been a real treat to use. It’s been fun learning how to use the new gesture navigation, the subtle UI tweaks look great, and the improved notifications are a dream come true. Unfortunately, one thing that wasn’t addressed with the Pie update is Android’s share menu.

The share menu in Android has been a slow,  [Read More…]