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Facebook Messenger adds safety alerts as it moves towards full encryption

Facebook is making using Messenger on Android and iOS safer.

What you need to know Facebook is making Messenger more secure with safety alerts. It’ll also alert minors when talking to strangers who are over-18, as well as automatically ban adults who have inappropriate conversations with children. The company confirms that these safety features would work with full encryption when it rolls that out later.

Facebook is rolling out safety alerts fo Messenger on both iOS and  [Read More…]

How to use Dual Messenger to manage two Facebook accounts on the Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 has a nifty feature that lets you run two instances of the same app. That means you can run two Facebook or WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, and the best part is that you can maintain a separate contacts list for each instance. Here’s what you need to know about Dual Messenger on the Galaxy S20.

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Facebook unveils new design for its Messenger app

Discover and chat bots are out, speed and simplicity is in.

What you need to know A report has revealed Facebook’s plans to overhaul its Messenger app. Developer screenshots show that the Discover tab is on its way out. Chat bots, business and games are being hidden from view, and chat bots are being demoted.

A new report has revealed Facebook’s plans to overhaul its Messenger app, an update Facebook says will begin rolling out shortly.

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You can no longer sign up for Facebook Messenger with just a phone number

Facebook says existing Messenger users will not be affected.

What you need to know Facebook will no longer allow new users to sign up for Messenger without a Facebook account. The company says users who already use Messenger without a Facebook account can continue using it without having to do anything. Facebook had introduced the ability to sign up for Messenger without a Facebook account in 2015.

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Facebook adds Star Wars themes to Messenger in Rise of Skywalker promotion

On a cell phone really, really, close by.

What you need to know Facebook is adding a new Star Wars theme to Messenger to promote December’s Rise of Skywalker release. The company is also changing the reactions to Star Wars characters with the new themes. A new sticker pack and AR filters have been added to round out the promotion.

Facebook is adding an extra theme to Messenger as part of a Star Wars promotion. Now, users  [Read More…]

Facebook launches Privacy and Safety Hub for Messenger

There aren’t any new features, though.

What you need to know Facebook this week launched the Privacy and Safety Hub for Messenger. The new section on the Messenger website features a list of privacy and security-focused features available to you on the platform. The company reiterated its intention to eventually bake end-to-end encryption into the app by default.

Facebook has made privacy a big talking point in its corporate messaging in the past few years — though  [Read More…]

Facebook Messenger may soon let you make encrypted audio and video calls

WhatsApp is currently the only Facebook-owned messaging app to offer end-to-end encryption for audio and video calls.

What you need to know Facebook is testing encrypted audio and video calls over Secret Conversations in the Messenger app. Audio and video calls made over Secret Conversations will be “encrypted end-to-end across all your active mobile devices.” Facebook is also said to working on bringing its in-house voice assistant to the main app.

Facebook introduced Secret Conversations as an  [Read More…]

Kik Messenger is shutting down to focus on its Kin cryptocurrency

All focus will be on Kin and the company’s current legal battle with the SEC.

What you need to know Kik Interactive founder, Ted Livingston, has announced that Kik will be shutting down. The messaging app is being shut down so the company has money for a legal battle with the SEC over its Kin cryptocurrency. There is no official date on when the shutdown will occur.

In a blog post on Medium, Kik Interactive founder, Ted  [Read More…]

Facebook has been using contractors to transcribe Messenger voice chats

How. Does. This. Keep. Happening.

What you need to know A report indicates that Facebook was paying third parties to transcribe Messenger audio conversations. The conversations were anonymous and often “vulgar.” Facebook says it has since stopped this human review process.

Were you sitting there to yourself and thinking, “Gee, it’s been too long since Facebook screwed up?” Me neither, but that’s exactly what’s happened. Again. According to a report from Bloomberg, Facebook has been paying hundreds  [Read More…]

Messenger bags are as versatile as your Chromebook

When it comes to picking the right bag for your favorite Chromebook, the first option for you might be a traditional backpack. However, over the years we have become more in love with the idea of messenger bag due to the versatility offered without adding too much strain or extra weight. To that point, we have found the best messenger bags for your Chromebook!

Travel the world Tomtoc Waterproof Travel Bag

Staff pick

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