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Deal: Get 2 months of free unlimited data from MetroPCS

MetroPCS is introducing a new special offer that will net you 2 months of free unlimited data free! All you need to do to take advantage of this limited-time offer is to sign up for a new account and make 2 payments on a $ 50+ plan. After that, you’ll get two months of unlimited talk. text and data free.

Here’s the breakdown:

Bring your number to MetroPCS Sign up for a new account and make 2  [Read More…]

Best MetroPCS Phones as of February 2018

MetroPCS offers some great phones to go along with its affordable plans, including the latest flagship phone from Samsung.

MetroPCS gives you the opportunity to save some money when buying a phone without a contract, though most of its phones are mid- to low-end when considering specs. You don’t have to aim low, however: MetroPCS does offer some high-end devices, two of which are featured on this list. Coupled with its affordable plans, you might not be able to  [Read More…]

How to recover a lost MetroPCS password or PIN

Lost your MetroPCS password or PIN? You can get it back in just a few easy steps!

Have a lost MetroPCS password or PIN issue? Not to worry! You can easily recover it a number of ways providing you have all of the account information available. Here’s how to get it done!

Lost MetroPCS Password

If you have a lost MetroPCS password situation, you’ll be unable to login to your online account to do anything  [Read More…]

How to use MetroPCS Wi-Fi Calling

If your signal drops out, MetroPCS WiFi calling can save the day.

Wi-Fi calling is nothing new — it’s been around on various carriers for years. MetroPCS Wi-Fi calling — just like many others — lets you make phone calls or send texts even if you have no cellular signal. Typically when you’re out of service, you’re out of luck. However, with MetroPCS Wi-Fi calling, you can still get through as long as you’re on Wifi even  [Read More…]

How to unlock a MetroPCS phone

Looking to unlock a MetroPCS phone? You’ve come to the right place!

If you happen to have a MetroPCS phone that you want to use on a new carrier, often times you’ll have to unlock it first. Unlocking simply means that your phone is “locked” to a carrier (in this case, MetroPCS) and needs to be “unlocked” before you can use it elsewhere. When you want to unlock a MetroPCS phone you have a few options at  [Read More…]

How to change the APN on MetroPCS

It’s easy to change APN on MetroPCS if you’re having issues. Here’s how to do it!

When bringing a third-party device to MetroPCS, it’s not unusual to have to change the APN settings on your phone. The APN — or Access Point Name — is a gateway from your phone to the carrier that helps to make communications run smoothly. Many times you’ll find that if you’re having trouble sending or receiving MMS messages, or there are  [Read More…]

Where can I buy a MetroPCS SIM card?

If you’re looking to buy a MetroPCS SIM — not to worry — you have a few options.

If you’re in the market to buy a MetroPCS SIM card, you have a few options at your disposal. Of course, the easiest method is to just stop by a MetroPCS store and pick one up, but if that’s not in your gameplay, here are some other options for you.



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How to activate a MetroPCS phone

Want to activate a MetroPCS phone? You’ve come to the right place!

So you’ve picked up a new phone and want to activate it on MetroPCS — but where do you start? The process isn’t very hard and can be done fairly quickly. You’ll have to install your SIM, pick a phone plan and call customer service to activate your MetroPCS phone. Here’s how to do it!



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Can I use a Google Pixel on MetroPCS?

The short answer is yes — you can use a Google Pixel on MetroPCS

While MetroPCS offers plenty of great Android phones, you may want to bring your own device that isn’t offered by MetroPCS — including the Google Pixel or Pixel XL. Thankfully, you can use a Google Pixel on MetroPCS without a hitch!

One of the first things you can do is check the compatibility of your Google Pixel on MetroPCs — or any  [Read More…]

Can I use a Galaxy S8 on MetroPCS?

Yes, you can most certainly use your Samsung Galaxy S8 on MetroPCS.

The question about using a particular phone on a particular carrier is one we often get, and the case of using a Samsung Galaxy S8 on MetroPCS is no different. Oftentimes the question will arise when someone wants to use a phone they purchased elsewhere on a specific carrier. In the case of the S8 on MetroPCS, however, you don’t have to worry. MetroPCS does  [Read More…]