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Skagen Falster smartwatch review: Minimalist design, minimal features

Maximum nostalgia.

It took far less time for the smartwatch market to cool than the smartphone ecosystem it was supposed to emulate. The interest curve of early adopters to mainstream consumer acceptance seemed to happen fairly quickly, but the falloff was, I think, far more severe than anyone realized.

I’m referring mainly to the Wear OS (née Android Wear) and not to the Apple Watch, which as Apple products usually are, seem to be immune to category  [Read More…]

Best Minimalist Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Show off the sleek design of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with these minimalist cases.

If you’re the type who shies away from putting a case on your phone because you don’t like all that added bulk in your pocket, then you need to consider a minimalist case. They offer protection from scratches and scuffs while keeping the overall look and feel of your phone intact.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and look at the  [Read More…]

Best minimalist cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

What’s the best thin, minimalist case for Galaxy Note 5?

Don’t hide the light of your beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note 5 behind a thick case. Let it shine with a minimalist cover that shows it off and protects it at the same time. Here are our favorites.

Samsung Glossy Cover Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear case Spigen Liquid Crystal case Poetic Affinity case RhinoShield CrashGuard case Incipio Octane Pure Carrying case

Samsung Glossy Cover

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Best minimalist cases for the Galaxy S7 edge

Give your phone basic protection but natural style with a minimalist case on your S7 edge!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is a real looker. If you’ve got one, you want to be able to show off those curves so everyone can admire your shapely new device. If you’re willing to compromise safety for style, then a minimalist case is the best way to show off your phone while protecting it from minor scratches and bumps.

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Best minimalist cases for the Galaxy S7

Protect my phone, fine, but don’t bulk it up!

Aside from the edge, the Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s thinnest offer right now. Sure, you want to protect it, but you definitely don’t want any of the bulk that comes along with some of the heavy duty cases.

We’ve rounded up some of the best minimalist cases for your S7; just remember that toning down the thickness of the case may make your phone a little more  [Read More…]

Beautifully minimalist puzzle game ‘TwoDots’ lands on Android

TwoDots, the minimalist puzzle game from developer Playdots, has made its way to Android. The game is free to play with in-app purchases and offers up 135 engaging levels located in environments stretching from arctic tundras to the depths of the ocean.

Need to Focus on Writing on Your Tablet? Try Jotterpad HD Minimalist Word Processor

Need to Focus on Writing on Your Tablet? Try Jotterpad HD Minimalist Word Processor

Do you do a lot of writing on your Android tablet? Have you been looking for the perfect app to help you focus on the most  [Read More…]