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Does Mint Mobile support 5G?

Best answer: No, Mint Mobile doesn’t offer 5G support in its plans. Some users, however, are reporting 5G connectivity with T-Mobile 5G compatible phones and Mint Mobile is selling 5G capable phones on its site.

LTE service on T-Mobile’s network: Mint Mobile (From $ 15 per month at Mint Mobile) T-Mobile 5G service: Google Fi (From $ 20 per month at Google Fi) 5G capable and available unlocked: Samsung Galaxy S20 ($ 1000 at Best Buy) Thank  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile makes mobile data easier than Straight Talk

Simple data savings Mint Mobile

From $ 15 per month at Mint Mobile

Pros Large T-Mobile network Compatible with most phones Simple plans Hotspot on each plan Cons Max of 12GB of data Only one network

One of Mint Mobile’s greatest accomplishments has been making choosing the right phone plan simple. With three data sizes and three duration amounts, it’s easy to find out which package works for you. You save money by buying more months  [Read More…]

Ryan Reynolds hosts funny and awkward Mint Mobile commercial

When we first reported that Deadpool — or, well, the guy he pretends to be when he’s not fighting Cable and breaking the fourth wall — had bought an ownership stake in Mint Mobile, we wondered if “if Reynolds, or perhaps one of Reynolds’ iconic characters, like fat-suit-wearing “Chris Brander” from 2005’s Just Friends or animated snail Turbo from the 2013 film of the same name, will make an appearance in future Mint Mobile advertising and promotion.”

Well,  [Read More…]

Get a new iPhone SE + Mint Mobile service for just $30 per month right now

The iPhone SE deals are flowing already, and in typical fashion Mint Mobile is here to knock the socks off all the other options out there. For a limited time, new customers can get the iPhone SE with service for just $ 30 per month. That’s right, it’s the phone, financed over 24 months, plus Mint Mobile’s 3GB data plan. You can move to the 8GB plan for $ 5 more per month, or up to the 12GB one for  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile is a better fit for most than Republic Wireless

Data focused Mint Mobile

From $ 15/month at Mint Mobile

Pros Unlimited talk and text Unlimited 2G data Hotspot included Free calls to Mexico, Canada Cons Only uses T-Mobile All plans require data

Mint Mobile makes a lot of sense for most smartphone users with good T-Mobile coverage thanks to three data sizes that work for most people. With a three month minimum term with six and 12-month options available, you save money the more you’re  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile customers get free unlimited data in response to Coronavirus

Unlimited data is being offered until April 14.

What you need to know Between now and April 14, all Mint Mobile customers are getting unlimited high-speed data. Customers that buy high-speed data add-ons will be fully reimbursed. Mint Mobile is doing this in response to the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus.

No matter where you live in the U.S., chances are you’re feeling the sting of the Coronavirus. Between some states shutting down restaurants and the President  [Read More…]

Is Mint Mobile a better value than Google Fi?

Data savings Mint Mobile

From $ 15/month at Mint Mobile

Pros Bulk savings Cheaper data No overages Compatible with most phones Cons International roaming is extra Minimum of three months No unlimited option

Mint Mobile can save you money on data with three months of service and can save even more with six and 12-month plans. With enough data for most people and no risk of overage fees, data can be cheaper than ever. You also  [Read More…]

What are the differences between Mint Mobile and Tello?

Larger network, more phones Mint Mobile

From $ 15/month at Mint Mobile

Pros Larger T-Mobile network Unlimited talk and text on all plans Hotspot included Works with most unlocked phones Save in bulk Cons Must buy in bulk Data maxes at 12GB

Mint Mobile uses the strength of the T-Mobile network to provide a reasonable amount of data with great coverage and speed. You can save more money by buying several months at once but you  [Read More…]

Is US Mobile’s unlimited data a better value than Mint Mobile?

Single-line, multi-month Mint Mobile

From $ 15/month at Mint Mobile

Pros Unlimited talk and text on all plans T-Mobile LTE Upgrade plan at any time Hotspot on all plans International calling and texting Cons Must buy in bulk No multi-line perks

Mint Mobile offers a great value to people that are willing to buy mobile phone service in bulk. With three data tiers in 3GB, 8GB, or 12GB packages, Mint Mobile has a plan that should  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile makes more sense than Ting if you need data

Plan ahead Mint Mobile

From $ 15 per month at Mint Mobile

Pros Lots of data Unlimited calls and texts Compatible with most phones Discounts in bulk Cons Must buy in bulk Only one network

Buy in bulk to save money for service on T-Mobile’s network with Mint Mobile. Buy service with data in 3GB, 8GB, or 12GB chunks per month and save more when you buy more months in advance. Calls and texts are unlimited,  [Read More…]