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Review: Samsung’s Galaxy A51 misses the mark in several key areas

The Galaxy A51 offers camera and design upgrades, but the underlying hardware is unchanged from 2019.

Under increased pressure from Chinese rivals, Samsung overhauled its budget strategy last year. The underwhelming Galaxy J series was gone, and the Galaxy A lineup essentially took its place. Samsung traditionally limited the Galaxy A series to the mid-range segment, but now it fields devices starting as low as $ 120 all the way to $ 600.

The new-found change in  [Read More…]

The Nest Hub Max misses the most important feature

A physical shutter over the camera lens is a simple — and obvious — way to make a home hub more trustworthy.

The Nest Hub Max is official. I’m almost certainly going to buy one, seeing as how I’m all in on the Nest ecosystem already. I’ve also got a Google Home Hub — erm, Nest Hub, that is, thanks to a rebranding — and a Lenovo Smart Display in the kitchen.

And I’m going to buy a Nest Hub Max knowing  [Read More…]

Why #StandWithApple misses the point

Rational arguments — not cheerleading — is what’s going protect the integrity of our pocket-sized computers.

It’s still not just about Apple. And it’s still not just about the iPhone. And it’s infinitely more important than hashtags and T-shirts. Apple’s opposition to the FBI’s demand that it create an alternative operating system that would aid in the unlocking of a smartphone connected to the San Bernardino terrorist attack may well be the most important legal fight since the  [Read More…]

Samsung releases earnings guidance for Q4 2015, misses profit forecasts

Samsung has released its earnings guidance for Q4 2015, forecasting an operating profit of 6.1 trillion won (US$ 5.08 billion) during the quarter. While the figure is 15.3 percent higher than what the vendor managed in Q4 2014, it is a decrease of 17.5 percent from the $ 6.46 billion netted in Q3 2015.

AT&T boasts strong growth but misses earnings estimate

AT&T has just shared their earnings report for the third quarter. The company was able to gain two million new customers, but missed their earnings estimate. Shares of AT&T are down in after-hours trading following the earnings report.

Another Android ‘fragmentation’ report misses the point

Today Open Signal, which among other things crowdsources how well a particular operator works in the real world (and is a very cool thing to see), released a report on Android “fragmentation” based on the users of its app.