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The Android Central staff’s most important features in a phone

Different people have different priorities.

Your phone can say a lot about you and your personality. The features that matter the most to you largely determine what phones you should consider when looking to upgrade; the Pixel 4 takes amazing photos, for example, but it’s off the table if you need all-day battery life.

We asked around the Android Central staff to see what each of our writers look for in a phone, and what phones should  [Read More…]

Meet the world’s most eco-friendly smartphone

There are plenty of incredibly cool smartphones on the market right now. From the latest and greatest iPhone to a series of Samsung and LG models that make it easy to keep in touch and watch shows on the go, there’s certainly no lack of options when it comes to selecting a smartphone that’s right for you.

The only problem is that the average lifespan of a smartphone in today’s world is a mere two years—meaning that countless  [Read More…]

Get the most bang for your buck with these cheap Android tablets

While the flagship Android tablet market is sparse, the same can’t be said for the budget market as there are quite a few great choices. When it comes getting a great value, you can’t do much better than the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, especially if you are a fan of Samsung’s products or its design language.

Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Not everyone needs to pay flagship prices for a tablet with a  [Read More…]

Hands-on with Edge+, the most exciting Motorola phone in years

Here’s what a $ 1,000 Motorola phone looks like.

It’s been a long time since I was genuinely excited about a new Motorola phone. The company’s Moto G and Motorola One handsets have done an excellent job of providing quality Android experiences at low price points, but as with any budget smartphone, they aren’t designed to be overly interesting or jaw-dropping.

The last time I felt that sort of excitement was for the 2nd-gen Moto X. I think  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile is a better fit for most than Republic Wireless

Data focused Mint Mobile

From $ 15/month at Mint Mobile

Pros Unlimited talk and text Unlimited 2G data Hotspot included Free calls to Mexico, Canada Cons Only uses T-Mobile All plans require data

Mint Mobile makes a lot of sense for most smartphone users with good T-Mobile coverage thanks to three data sizes that work for most people. With a three month minimum term with six and 12-month options available, you save money the more you’re  [Read More…]

AC Poll: Which companies do you think are most environmentally friendly?

Your voice matters — vote below!

When we talk about phones and other gadgets here on AC, we tend to focus on a few different things — features, specs, and price being what tends to eat up most of the conversation. However, depending on how you look at things, there’s plenty more to discuss.

As we rapidly approach Earth Day on April 22, it’s a reason to look at the companies that make all of this technology  [Read More…]

Get most of Plume’s benefits without the required subscription

Plume takes the guesswork out of building a home Wi-Fi network with its software and hardware combination. Many people don’t want to pay the subscription fee that comes with Plume or want some more flexibility. As many of us work from home, having a reliable and secure connection is more important than ever. If you want your Wi-Fi to offer more than just a connection, these are some of the best options with extended support.

Secure browsing eero Pro  [Read More…]

LG V60 review: Most of a Galaxy S20+, for hundreds less

In keeping things simple and hitting the basics, LG has a value-focused flagship worth considering.

LG managed to zig when Samsung zagged. In a year where Samsung set the standard for flagship phones at $ 1000 for the Galaxy S20 and $ 1400 for the S20 Ultra, LG rolled out the comparable V60 ThinQ 5G (henceforth, simply V60) for under $ 950. Despite the price savings, the V60 generally has the same specs and features, including a  [Read More…]

PSA: Netflix is down in most parts of the U.S. right now

Netflix is seeing widespread outages across most parts of the U.S.

What you need to know Netflix is seeing a widespread outage in the U.S., with users in California, Texas, and the Pacific Northwest facing connectivity issues. Users are getting an HTP-500 error code when trying to stream content, suggesting issues with Netflix’s servers. Netflix says it is aware of the issue, and is investigating a possible fix.

Netflix is down across most parts of the U.S.  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus review: The best phone for most people

A real Ultra.

Galaxy S20+ review Where does the Plus fit? A pefect display A Samsung legacy The fingerprint sensor The cameras Incredible battery life Typical Samsung software Should you buy it? The other S20s Galaxy S20 review Galaxy S20 Ultra review

If the Galaxy S20 Ultra is too much of a good thing, the Galaxy S20+ is just the right amount of goodness. Or greatness. It’s the best phone I’ve used in a long  [Read More…]