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Easily move those old pics off of Facebook and into your Google Photos

This new tool fixes the pain of switching all of your photos over.

If you’ve been on Facebook for more than a few years, you probably have loads of photos and videos that only exist there. They likely even predate your Google Photos, Dropbox, or OneDrive accounts. Sure, you could download all of your data, fish through it to find your photos, and start re-uploading them, but what a colossal pain! Thankfully now there is a tool  [Read More…]

Move apps to the Fire TV (2nd Gen) microSD card with ease

The second-generation Amazon Fire TV was a minor update to the first-generation product, but what it added, a microSD card slot, was a pretty nice upgrade feature. The microSD card slot is almost essential if you want to download a lot of apps and games to use on your Fire TV (2nd Gen). With only 8GB of internal storage and much less than that available to use, you could soon wipe that out with a few large games.

  [Read More…]

Your phone tracks your every move and there is nothing you can do about it

Ad networks and trackers are bad, but they aren’t the only way your phone tracks your every move.

The New York Times has published a bombshell of a story that goes into great detail about how software SDKs (especially advertisement-based ones) can track your every move no matter how “anonymized” they claim to be. It’s a great article and really goes in-depth about how it all works and more importantly, why it’s something you might want to  [Read More…]

Huawei will move its research center from the U.S. to Canada

It also hopes to build a factory in Europe for its 5G equipment.

What you need to know Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei announced that the company is moving its research center. It’s being relocated from the United States to Canada. This past Friday, it was reported that the U.S. was aiming to crack down further on Huawei’s access to U.S. technology.

To say that Huawei has had a rocky relationship with the United States over the last  [Read More…]

How to move your Facebook pictures to Google Photos

Most of us have a lot of photos on Facebook, but don’t actually use that platform as a long-term storage solution. Google Photos has become the go-to service for saving digital photographs, and if you haven’t yet moved your collection of Facebook pictures to Google Photos, there’s never been a better time to finally make the switch. The process can be a bit tricky, so here are a few tips on how to make the transition as seamless  [Read More…]

Google’s making it easier to move multimedia between smart speakers

Stream transfer is rolling out to Assistant-enabled gadgets right now.

What you need to know You can transfer audio from apps like YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more. Transfer video streams from YouTube from room to room with the new feature. Stream transfer is rolling out to all Google Assistant-enabled devices starting October 8.

Today, October 8, Google announced in a blog post a new feature called “stream transfer.” The feature will allow you to tell your  [Read More…]

Sonos Move review: A real pick-me-up

Sonos finally made a battery-powered speaker, and it’s fantastic.

The Sonos Move was reportedly created because the company kept getting feedback from its most ardent supporters that they wanted two things: a battery-powered Sonos that could be transported and easily moved; and a speaker more powerful and bass-heavy than the Sonos One.

The Move is precisely those two things, a Play:3 replacement that sounds better than the Sonos One but also a portable Bluetooth speaker that can  [Read More…]

The Sonos Move is the portable smart speaker of my dreams

What you need to know Sonos Move is powerful, portable, and unbreakable, goes on sale September 24 for $ 399. Sonos One SL replaces the Play:1, and goes on sale next week for $ 179. Sonos Port connects traditional stereo equipment to the Sonos ecosystem, coming early next year for $ 399.

My house is full of speakers. I play music from a Google Home Max, podcasts from a Lenovo Smart Display and, when sitting on my porch,  [Read More…]

The stylish Withings Move is a few shortcuts short of perfect

Withings hits the mark with its cheap and colorful line of hybrid watches.

Do you wear a watch? I’m not talking about a smartwatch but a regular ol’ ticker, the type you can pick up for a few dollars on Amazon or (overpriced) at any mall or airport kiosk. While there are few modern studies breaking down the actual number of watch wearers out there, the influx of smart options, from Fitbits to Wear OS to, for  [Read More…]

Learn about the ECG feature in the Withings Move ECG

Best answer: The ECG in the Withings Move ECG enables users to take an on-demand electrocardiogram right from their watch. This test records your heart’s electrical activity, which can determine if you’re experiencing an irregularity that could lead to something more serious.

Monitor your heart: Withings Move ECG ($ 130 at Withings, Coming Soon) Instant Results: Health Mate App (Free at Google Play) How does it work?

An electrocardiogram (ECG) records your heart’s electrical activity and can  [Read More…]