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New Glass firmware, updated MyGlass app bring Glass photos directly to your phone

Google has just launched a pretty significant update to Google Glass, which requires a firmware update for the connected eyewear as well as an update to the MyGlass app. With the required updates, users will now be able to instantly see photos captured with Glass on their phones, get updated scores to the World Cup, remember your parking location, and also receive package tracking information. Additionally, the MyGlass update will notify you if your battery drops  [Read More…]

MyGlass app hits version 3.0 with fresh interface, map sharing directly to Glass

As futuristic as the Google Glass hardware is, the MyGlass companion app is relatively pedestrian and basic — but that’s changing today with an update to version 3.0 of MyGlass. In contrast to previous updates that have brought mostly under the hood fixes, version 3.0 of MyGlass takes the interface in a completely different (and much improved) direction. You’ll find a new slide-in bar on the left edge that matches other modern Google Apps, giving you  [Read More…]

Foursquare, OpenTable and TripIt Glassware added to MyGlass

Google is adding even more travel-focused Glassware to Google Glass, today making Foursquare, OpenTable and TripIt apps available. We’re all likely aware of these three apps, and while it isn’t instantly clear how each one will fit into people’s lives — particularly OpenTable — on something like Glass, it’s great to see Google courting major developers to make apps for Glass.

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