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Here’s how you can do your own nails at home

I typically visit a salon to do my nails every two weeks but that can add up, especially when there’s a lot you can actually do yourself from home. A friend recommended the Rosalind Gel Polish Starter Kit, which comes with pretty much everything you’d need. However, there are many other options worth considering, whether you want to do a full manicure and polish or just keep your nails clean and nicely cut and shaped.

Best Overall: ROSALIND  [Read More…]

Infinity Ward almost nails it with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Despite a few road bumps, Modern Warfare feels like a return to form for the FPS franchise.

Modern Warfare brings us back to some of the very best first-person shooter experiences that I can remember from years gone-by. There is a lot of game here too, something for everyone. If you love a good storyline, Modern Warfare has it. Do you want a Battle Royale? It has that as well. Lots of games try to offer everything  [Read More…]

Cavalier Maverick review: Nails everything but the bass

If you’re looking for a great-looking alternative to the Amazon Echo, there’s none better.

I’m a huge fan of portable Bluetooth speakers. As I’ve been reviewing them over the last two years, I’ve amassed a solid collection, and I’ve tried everything from the absolutely abysmal to the jaw-droppingly marvelous. The Cavalier Maverick, however, is my first Wi-Fi enabled portable speaker, and when I was offered the chance to review it, with its elegant good looks and Alexa  [Read More…]

This one post nails the popularity of Pokémon Go

You can’t go anywhere right now without running into Pokémon Go. Or running into someone playing Pokémon Go.

Simple fact is there are a ridiculous number of people playing this game right now. And that means there’s an even more ridiculous number of folks reading about it. So we’re writing about it. A lot.

I started a thread in our Pokémon Go forums to warn folks that, yes, there’s going to be a deluge, and that we’re  [Read More…]