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Vivaldi’s Android browser exits beta, picks up native ad blocking

Vivaldi browser is packed with features and protects your privacy.

What you need to know Vivaldi’s Android browser is now out of beta, and it is available for download on the Play Store. The browser is picking up native ad blocking and tracking protection with the release. With a lot of features on offer and a clean interface with a toolbar at the bottom, Vivaldi’s mobile browser is definitely worth a look.

Vivaldi is one of the  [Read More…]

YouTube’s native direct messaging feature will be discontinued next month

YouTube’s main focus currently is on improving public conversations on its platform.

What you need to know Google is removing YouTube’s native direct messaging feature next month. The company will now focus on improving public conversations. Once the feature is discontinued, users will still be able to share YouTube videos on social networking platforms.

Google introduced the ability to send direct messages on YouTube around two years back. Since then, however, the company has been focusing on  [Read More…]

Chrome may soon embrace Snapdragon laptops with native ARM version

A native ARM version of Chrome could bring better performance to the table.

One downside to picking up a Windows 10 on ARM laptop built on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform is that traditional desktop apps require emulation, which brings an inevitable performance hit. But Chrome, the most popular browser on the market, could be close to circumventing that limitation.

Speaking in an interview with Android Authority at Arm TechCon, Qualcomm’s senior director of product management, Miguel Nunes, confirmed  [Read More…]

Android P may launch with a native dark theme

Our relentless nagging has worked.

Over the past few months, there have been a handful of indicators suggesting that Android will soon offer native theming support. Android Oreo allows users to customize their phones with the Substratum Theme Engine with the use of a simple desktop app, the Pixel 2 introduced white and dark themes that change based on the wallpaper you have set, and now it looks like Android will soon get a native dark mode.

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Adobe Lightroom mobile goes ‘Android native’ with slightly refreshed interface

Just because an update looks small doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

Adobe has updated its Lightroom Mobile app for Android with an all-new “Android native” interface, though the changes aren’t as big as you’d think with such a proclamation. The main change to the experience is better labeling of buttons and simpler sliders that make sense on a (relatively) small screen that’s used exclusively with touch.

Lightroom Mobile continues to  [Read More…]

Dreams do come true: Chrome OS will soon have a native night mode

Your circadian rhythm thanks you.

Night owls, I understand your perspective. Night time is the right time to hunker down, light a few candles, and get into the zone with your Chromebook. But all that blue light shining in our faces is detrimental to our sleep health, which is why Chrome OS will soon have a native night mode.

By way of Android Police, there’s a Night Light feature that’s just entered the Canary channel, where new features get  [Read More…]

Chrome gets native Google Cast support built in, no extension required

Google is rolling out some changes to Casting in the desktop version Chrome with the latest release, 51. While you could previously cast from the browser using the Google Cast toolbar icon, this will no longer be necessary going forward.

From Google:

Google Cast functionality is now built in as part of the Chrome browser itself, so you no longer need to install the Google Cast toolbar icon in order to use your Google Cast device from  [Read More…]

Enpass password manager adds native two-factor authentication support

Enpass is a popular offline, cross-platform password manager app that you can use to store your login credentials, credit card information, and other sensitive data. The Android app had fingerprint support for a while, and the latest update brings support for Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) authentication as well.

TOTP is an algorithm that computes a one-time password from a shared secret key and the current time, and is used in a number of two-factor authentication systems. With TOTP support,  [Read More…]

Micromax announces India’s first smartphone-based native payments solution

Micromax, India’s leading smartphone brand, has announced the launch of India’s first smartphone-based native payments solution in a strategic partnership with TranServ, a leading digital payments company.

Shield Android TV update brings native 4K gaming

The NVIDIA Shield Android TV is receiving a firmware update to version 2.0 that allows playback of select Android games natively at 4K. Initially, 12 games are available for playback at higher resolutions, with NVIDIA working with developers to add 4K-native assets to their games.