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Find the right size Instant Pot to meet your needs

Which Instant Pot size makes the most sense for you?

One of the most common questions people have when trying to pick the right Instant Pot to buy is figuring out the right size. Most Instant Pot models come in three sizes — 3-quart, 6-quart, and 8-quart — but those numbers don’t exactly give you any indication as to which is best suited for you based on how you cook, how big your family is, and what  [Read More…]

Save a few bucks and still get a great Android tablet for your needs

On the whole, the Android market may look a little sparse, but when you dive into the sub-$ 200 price range, things get rather interesting. The Amazon Fire 7 may not give you access to the Play Store, but you’ll still have the Amazon App Store with many of the same great apps. Plus, with Hands-Free Alexa, you can ask it any questions you may have, or even control your smart home right from your tablet.

Best Overall:  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S10e is the iPhone SE the Android world needs right now

After using both the Galaxy S10e and the new iPhone SE, my money would go to Samsung.

Phones are crazy expensive right now if you insist on buying a company’s latest and greatest. But if you’re like me, you’re just not going to spend $ 1,000 of your hard-earned dollars on a phone when you know there are alternatives that offer almost as much for a good bit less cash.

Thankfully, there are some great phones you  [Read More…]

Let’s compare Zoom and Microsoft Teams for your video conferencing needs

Best Overall Microsoft Teams

From $ 5 per month/ per user at Microsoft

Pros Included with Microsoft 365 Collaboration tools Easy to connect to other programs Privacy and encryption Lets 250 people join virtual meetings Even more can join for live streaming events Cons Not compatible with Linux Call-in support costs extra Webinar support also costs extra

Microsoft Teams lets up to 250 people join traditional virtual meetings and 10,000 for live streaming events. It works  [Read More…]

Find a better AT&T plan for your needs

There are quite a few options for AT&T available, whether you need unlimited data, 5G access, or just basic connectivity. Many people may find that they pay for way more service than they really need and could stand to save quite a bit of money. You can find an AT&T plan that works better for you and change it in the myAT&T app or on AT&T’s website. Just make sure you get enough data and don’t drop out  [Read More…]

Top 6 things Google needs to add to Chrome OS to compete with Windows

Chromebooks are only as good as their system, and Chrome OS could always use a few upgrades.

Chromebooks are great, lightweight computers that are great not just for kids, they’re great for more folks, whether you just want to browse Facebook or work full-time on one. A huge part of that success is that Chrome OS runs so well even on mid-range and budget hardware, allowing us to get a great experience out of a $ 300  [Read More…]

Sony seriously needs to clarify the backward compatibility situation on PS5

I am so excited for the PlayStation 5, but this backward compatibility situation is a mess.

Backward compatibility was a staple on Xbox One, so of course Microsoft is doubling down on this philosophy with the Xbox Series X. Considering the overwhelmingly positive response that backward compatibility has gotten, Sony appeared to be poised to adopt that same type of program on PlayStation 5 (PS5). All comments seemingly indicated that backward compatibility would be a major feature  [Read More…]

OnePlus 8 needs to deliver a camera that can take on Samsung and Google

Imaging continues to be the one weak spot in OnePlus’ arsenal — and it needs to fix that this year.

OnePlus makes some of the best Android phones money can buy. The brand’s obsession with performance has allowed its phones to stand out, and last year, in particular, was a coming-of-age moment. OnePlus successfully rolled out two different product lines in the OnePlus 7 Pro and the OnePlus 7T, and the latter turned out to be an  [Read More…]

Why every smartphone needs a good screen protector

Smartphones are expensive. Even a mid-range device can run you several hundred dollars, to say nothing of all the costs associated with ownership. It should go without saying that you want to protect your investment however you can.

That includes purchasing a screen protector. It is, at its core, a means of protecting your investment. Because whether you own your phone or are simply renting it from a carrier, a broken screen leaves you on the hook for  [Read More…]

Huawei needs Google more than Google needs Huawei

It takes more than ambition and an aggressive approach to make money selling phones in the West. You need the right services and software.

Huawei makes some incredible phones. My somewhat limited exposure to the brand as a U.S. resident reinforces what everyone who has one tells me: they are one of the best phones you can buy. When any brand gets this kind of praise, it has to be pretty darn good products.

Unfortunately, because of  [Read More…]