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Wire is yet another reminder that Google Hangouts needs more than Chrome extensions

Wire is the latest new-chat-service-to-end-all-others of the month. It’s very nicely designed (especially for a v1 release), is backed by one of the co-founders from Skype and basically is this week’s media darling. And for good reason — it’s a compelling app that’s quickly captured the interest of those of us who get bored with app way too quickly. Is it the next Skype? Or even a WhatsApp? Perhaps another Slack, which quickly has become the go-to  [Read More…]

Google Play Music on Android Wear: How to use it and what it still needs

There’s room to improve with Play Music on Wear, but at least it’s finally here

One of the primary reasons for me to get a smartwatch was for music. Not to listen from it, per se, but to control music from it. Being able to leave the phone inside while I walk my laps is still a somewhat tantalizing idea, and sometimes necessary, as workout clothes (or any other kind of clothes for that matter) for  [Read More…]

Waterproofing needs to be standard on every phone

Having a waterproof phone just makes sense, and the tradeoffs just aren’t as big as they used to be

I went camping over the weekend, and after four days in the “wilderness” (or as wild as I’ll get involved with) I realized it’s really awesome to be carrying a smartphone that’s waterproof. And now that the compromises of having a waterproof phone don’t amount to thick rubber housings, rugged styling or even flaps over ports in  [Read More…]

Google’s new Glass chief has loads of marketing experience, and that’s just what Glass needs

Following the departure of Adrian Wong, the lead engineer on Google Glass, Google has brought on a new head for the Glass department that comes from a very different background. Her name is Ivy Ross, and what she doesn’t have in engineering experience she more than makes up for with marketing. And let’s face it, Glass has had a bit of a problem in the marketing arena, more and more becoming the butt of jokes and  [Read More…]

RIM CEO talks about Android, needs a reality check

rim ceo

RIM’s success has been declining since the iOS and Android operating systems started skyrocketing. Currently, Blackberry devices hold a dismal position in distribution charts, and Research in Motion is in desperate need of rescue. In an attempt to seek a newer approach, past co-CEO’s have gotten off their thrones, and allowed Thorsten Heins to take over the Canadian company. It seems like RIM will need a bit more than  [Read More…]

A.I.type needs testers for its Floating Split Keyboard for tablets

A.I.type Floating Split Keyboard

Keyboard developer A.I.type hit us up this morning in search of a few testers for its upcoming “Floating Split Keyboard for Tablets.” It’s got all of the features you know and love from A.I.type Keyboard Plus, including its predition engine. It also has context-aware autocorrect, built-in skins and more customizations.

The really sexy part is that doesn’t take up a whole lot of screen space and can “float”  [Read More…]

Who needs Siri? We apparently have Pocket Stalin

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Also from the Dead Dictator series:

Digital Secretary Saddam The Mussolini Messenger Navigate! with Napoleon Francisco Franco’s Guide to Spanish Cuisine Gadhafi’s Group Chat (too soon?)

And coming soon:

Find It! with Fidel Castro Hugo Chavez’s Filling Station Locator

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