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PlayStation Network appears to be down right now (update)

Many users are having issues connecting at the moment.

What you need to know PlayStation Network appears to be down for many users. A majority of the complaints are coming from PlayStation users in the U.K. or other parts of Europe. Sony has not ackowledged the problem on its official status page yet.

Update: June 3, 2020 Reports on Twitter and DownDetector indicate most users can access PlayStation Network again. Sony has not yet issued an  [Read More…]

AT&T will no longer lie to customers about its fake ‘5G E’ network

It has been recommended to discontinue the ‘5G Evolution’ and ‘5G Evolution, The First Step to 5G’ claims by the NARB.

What you need to know The National Advertising Review Board (NARB) has recommended that AT&T stop using the misleading “5G Evolution” term for its LTE network. AT&T will no longer advertise its upgraded LTE network as “5G Evolution.” The “5GE” icon, however, will not disappear from Android smartphones on its network.

For the last two years,  [Read More…]

How to watch Amy Schumer Learns to Cook: stream Food Network anywhere

Food Network is mixing comedy and cooking with its latest show Amy Schumer Learns to Cook. Comedian and actress Amy Schumer is bringing audiences inside her kitchen as she and her husband Chris Fischer prepare various dishes and cocktails. Fischer happens to be a professional chef, so while Amy might be making snide comments with cocktail in hand throughout each episode, there will still be some great tips to bring into your own kitchen.

With weekly episodes focused on meal  [Read More…]

T-Mobile’s 5G network just got way faster in NYC

T-Mobile is using Sprint’s 5G spectrum to improve its 5G network in New York.

What you need to know T-Mobile customers with a Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra are getting better speeds in New York. The goal is to deliver high speeds in dense areas and maintain coverage in suburban areas. The “layer cake” includes T-Mobile’s low-band and mmWave 5G surrounding Sprint’s mid-band.

T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Neville Ray annoucned on Twitter that on May, 5 2020,  [Read More…]

Is Google Wifi still a smart upgrade for your network?

Best answer: Google Wifi is still capable of delivering solid Wi-Fi speeds in a mesh thanks to consistent software updates and compatibility with newer hardware. Whether you are expanding an existing Google or Nest Wifi mesh or building one from scratch, Google Wifi is still a great choice, although if you have the cash we recommend going with Nest for faster speeds.

True mesh Wifi: Google Wifi System ($ 99 at Amazon) Same family but faster: Nest  [Read More…]

YouTube TV reaches agreement with Sinclair, but will still lose some Fox RSNs and YES Network

We don’t quite know which markets will be affected, though.

In the latest installment of “Twitter is really no way to announce things,” YouTube TV apparently has reached some kind of agreement with Sinclair Broadcast Group. But that agreement still involves YouTube TV — at least in some markets — losing access to Fox Regional Sports Networks, as well as the YES Network.

Only, whomever is doing the Twitter replies doesn’t actually know which channels and the markets that  [Read More…]

YouTube TV-Sinclair flap leads to the loss of Fox RSNs and YES Network

As usual, it’s all about money.

What you need to know Sinclair wants more money for the rights to some of its channels. YouTube TV doesn’t want to pay more money. You, the consumer, will lose out.

Just because you’re the largest live TV streaming service in the United States doesn’t mean you’re not still subject to the usual market shenanigans.

YouTube TV today sent out emails to subscribers annoying that it’s “been unable to reach an  [Read More…]

FCC names Google and Sony gatekeepers for upcoming OnGo network

These giant companies will still yield right of way to the U.S. Navy.

What you need to know The FCC has named four Spectrum Access System operators. The SAS is a key component of the newly-opened CBRS network. The next step will be a license auction, happening in June, 2020.

A block of spectrum currently being used primarily by the U.S. Navy and commercial satellite owners has taken a step closer to wider commercial and public access.  [Read More…]

Dish chairman says it would be financial suicide not to build a 5G network

Dish claims its wireless service will go live within 30 days of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger deal closing.

What you need to know Dish chairman Charlie Ergen has said that his company’s new wireless service will compete with the largest operators in the U.S. right from day one. He added that it would be suicidal for the company not to build its own 5G network. Dish is set to become the country’s fourth major wireless player after T-Mobile’s  [Read More…]