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I’ve never played Final Fantasy, but the FF7 remake is fantastic

I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game before, and my experience with FF7R did not disappoint. Also, the soul of my anime-loving inner teen is back.

From the moment the camera panned in on Aerith’s face while the iconic notes to Final Fantasy VII’s theme chimed lightly in the background, I got chills.

I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game before. There’s no nostalgia here for me. I don’t have fond memories of staying up until 2  [Read More…]

How Google Maps can help you never be late to work ever again

Before you leave for work, read this.

As far as turn-by-turn navigation apps go, Google Maps is one of the best out there. It has highly-accurate location data, is easy to use, and comes pre-installed on all Android phones. Google’s been fine-tuning the Maps formula for years, and where it’s at now is better than it’s ever been before.

For example, did you know Google Maps is an excellent tool for planning your commute to work? From  [Read More…]

The S20 Ultra is the phone I really want but will probably never buy

It’s big and badass, but it’s $ 1,400 so I know I’m not buying one. So why do I really, really want to do it?

Like everyone expected, Samsung showed off a set of new phones that are downright amazing and somehow even better than the downright amazing models it showed us last time. I’ve not touched any of them, but I’m confident that any of the Galaxy S20 models would be an awesome phone that would  [Read More…]

These battery packs will make sure your Note 10 or 10+ never stop going

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are absolute powerhouses that should handle just about everything you throw at them. However, there are times where you’ll need the battery to last just a little bit longer, and that’s where a battery pack comes in. We have found the best battery packs to pair with your new Note 10 or Note 10+.

Small and powerful Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux

Staff pick

This tiny portable charger from  [Read More…]

Stop hoarding data you’ll never use, slip into freedom with US Mobile

Sometimes simple is better. Take your wireless carrier, for example.

Have you ever looked at your phone bill? I mean really, really took a good, hard look at it?

How much data are you using? Do you actually talk to people on the phone? If you wanted, could you change your plan on the fly? Truth is, almost everyone has most likely been with their current carrier for years and never paid attention to how much (or how  [Read More…]

Never run out of space again with up to 30% off Western Digital storage

It’s Black Friday and that means there are some great deals to take advantage of. Western Digital storage drives have been discounted by as much as 30%, making it almost impossible to run out of space ever again.

Save on WD storage

WD My Passport

See at Amazon

Western Digital is one of the leading brands when it comes to storage drives and the company’s range of external solutions are currently on sale.

  [Read More…]

Stop overpaying for data you never use — try Ting instead!

You have enough worries, so how much your phone bill is going to cost this month shouldn’t be one of them. That’s the idea behind Ting Mobile, a mobile phone carrier that’s doing things differently. If you’ve ever complained about how little control you have over your monthly cell phone bill, Ting Mobile could be perfect for you.

We all know that unlimited isn’t really a thing. If it were, wireless carriers wouldn’t offer so many plans with so-called  [Read More…]

Never miss a sale on Amazon!

Best answer: There are a number of price tracking services that you can use to monitor products on Amazon. Our favorite right now is Honey because it’s free, is offered on multiple platforms, and is super easy to use. It’s not the only great price tracker though, so we’ve decided to highlight some other good options as well.

Prime time prices: Amazon Prime (From $ 13/month at Amazon) Sweet savings: Honey (Free at Honey) Honey is the  [Read More…]

Why Roborock is the best robot vacuum maker you’ve never heard of

Roborock vacuums pack intelligence, more features, and powerful, seamless cleaning in your home.

When you think of a robot vacuum, what’s the first name that comes to mind? While Roborock might not immediately be the first on your list, you may want to take a minute or two to understand why it should, in fact, be the name to remember when it comes to buying a robot vacuum.

So why is it that you may not have  [Read More…]

Android 10 puts privacy controls into users hands like never before

When it comes to privacy, more is always better.

There are a lot of changes to enhance our privacy while we’re on our phones in Android 10.

These aren’t the big user-facing features that manage to get all the press and win hearts and minds or anything like that, but the might be the most important changes to Android in recent memory. We store our lives on our phones, and anything that keeps prying eyes off of  [Read More…]