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YouTube pledges $1 million to police reform nonprofit

As protests spread across the U.S, companies like Alphabet stand up for social justice.

What you need to know YouTube has pledged $ 1 million to the Center for Police Equity amid protests in the U.S. The Center is a think-tank that has adopted a data-driven approach to tackling police brutality. YouTube’s algorithm has been criticized as being a funnel towards white supremacist content.

As the protests against police brutality in the U.S. intensified over the weekend,  [Read More…]

Chromebooks in the workplace: How one non-profit uses Chrome OS to get things done

Chromebooks and “real” work? It’s possible, even in the enterprise.

Despite its first impression, Chrome OS is great in the workplace. Every type of business needs access to email, internal sites for company announcements, calendars, and other basic tools. For the longest time, Windows has dominated the business landscape, but increasingly Chromebooks are challenging that notion.

During the weekdays, I work for a non-profit focused on mental and behavioral health. We have offices in a few counties  [Read More…]