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Google is planning to reopen some of its offices starting July 6

Most Googlers can continue to work from home through the end of the year.

What you need to know Google plans to open its offices in several cities starting July 6. By September, Google hopes to increase occupancy at its offices from 10 percent to 30 percent. It has also announced a $ 1,000 stipend for employees to buy equipment and furniture for working from home.

In early March, Google instructed its workforce across the globe to  [Read More…]

Google doesn’t plan on a return to offices before June 1

The worst may be behind us, but a return to normalcy will not be as rapid as the path into crisis.

What you need to know Google is planning a slow, gradual return to office life Site-specific guidance will be deployed, and teams will continue to monitor local health alerts and guidance even after a return has begun. It won’t make any movements before June 1, citing stay-at-home orders and local equivalents.

Alphabet was one of the  [Read More…]

OnePlus has laid off some European offices by up to 80%

It’s a part of “normal restructuring” for the company.

What you need to know Some OnePlus offices in Europe have been laid off by up to 80%. The layoffs have occurred in the UK, France, and Germany. These are part of “strategic restructuring.”

Not too long ago, OnePlus found itself in headlines for launching its new OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro devices. The company is making waves yet again, but this time for a much different reason.  [Read More…]

Employees walk out of Google offices around the world in protest

Even as Google claims to have made changes, hundreds and hundreds of Googlers walked out asking for more.

It’s a cold morning outside most Google offices today, but that did not stop hundreds from walking out to protest the way Google has handled sexual misconduct in the past — and the way they’re still being handled today. A New York Times article recently reported on Google’s cover-up of sexual misconduct accusations against Andy Rubin the company found “credible”, as  [Read More…]

Google employees in eight U.S. offices stage walkout protests

Google employees are protesting and you can watch it unfold on Twitter.

Google employees in eight separate locations are joining the greater #NoBanNoWall protest, and have walked out of their offices.

Malt Ubl, Tech lead of Google’s AMP project, and other employees have posted images on Twitter using the hashtag #GooglersUnite showing several of Google’s offices with large crowds in the parking lots and on the lawns, and everything looks to be peaceful and lawful.

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French authorities raid Google offices in Paris over tax fraud allegations

Google is in a spot of bother in France after the company offices were raided by French authorities as part of the ongoing tax fraud investigation, as reported by the BBC. The company is accused of owing the French government €1.6 billion ($ 1.8 billion) in unpaid taxes. Corporations have come under increasing amounts of scrutiny after the highly controversial deal Google made with the UK.

Among other big brands, Google has been accused of utilizing  [Read More…]

LG G5 pays a visit to the iFixit offices for a ‘friendly’ teardown

LG’s latest flagship smartphone, the LG G5, brings all its friends to the yard with the new magic slot. The team over at iFixit decided to see just how easy it is to take apart the G5, beyond that of simply swapping out optional modules. The result is LG produced quite the repair-friendly handset, but the company already enjoyed a head start in tests by offering a stunning unibody smartphone with a super-easy removable battery.

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Sony’s U.S. mobile unit reportedly cuts jobs, moves offices to San Francisco

Sony’s troubled mobile division took another hit this year, but in a very discreet way. A new report says that the company’s U.S. mobile division moved its offices from Atlanta to the San Francisco area and that change also caused an unknown number of layoffs.

According to Re/code, Kunihiko Shiomi, the previous head of U.S. mobile development at Sony, was quietly promoted to president of the division in January:

The former U.S. head, Ravi Nookola,  [Read More…]

Google’s proposed futuristic offices may have been hit with a big setback

Google’s plans to build new and futuristic-looking headquarters offices in Mountain View, California, may have to be curtailed thanks to a city council vote on Tuesday.

Google first announced its plans to redevelop four sites in the North Bayshore district of Mountain View in February.

Distrust between US and Korean offices reportedly to blame for Samsung’s mobile stumbles

According to a recent report out of Business Insider, the success of Samsung’s “Next Big Thing” campaign caused distrust between the company’s U.S. and Korean branches back in 2012, resulting in strained relations and slip-ups in the company’s bid for success in regions outside of the United States.