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OnePlus 8 Pro second opinion review: A great phone, but not a flawless one

A proper flagship without the usual compromises — but the execution isn’t perfect.

In our initial round of reviews, I took the lead on the standard OnePlus 8, while Daniel Bader took on the OnePlus 8 Pro. But thankfully, I do have both phones, so I was able to swap over to the 8 Pro to see how it differs from the base model that’s $ 200 less and generally less exciting. The 8 Pro is the  [Read More…]

The Fire HD 8 isn’t $30 better than the Fire 7 in our opinion

Amazon is a fine contender to having some of the best tablets around. At Android Central, we’ve been covering and testing tablets for a very long time. It goes without saying that we know what makes a tablet stand out.

Amazon Fire 7

Thin, light, and durable

$ 50 at Amazon

Pros Powerful tablet for a small price Hands-free Alexa is now included Light and thin Durable Cons Lower resolution screen Only mono speaker

The  [Read More…]

Google Opinion Rewards: Everything you need to know

Google Opinion Rewards is an easy way to pick up Play Store credits for buying apps, movies rentals, books, or games.

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app that lets you earn Play Store credits by answering questions and providing feedback. You can then redeem those credits toward the purchase of apps, music, movies, and games on the Play Store. It’s all pretty straightforward, and it’s a great way to pick up credits on the Play Store.  [Read More…]

Google Opinion Rewards adds expiration date for your credits

The date, as well as the amount, are prominently displayed under your total.

What you need to know Google Opinion Rewards now shows you when your next credit will expire. It can be found directly under your total on the main screen of the app. Previously, you could only check it via the Play Store app, but it only gave you a date, not the amount.

Back in November, we covered the case of the mysteriously disappearing  [Read More…]

BlackBerry KEY2, third opinion review: Keyboard at all costs

You better really love that hardware keyboard, because you’re giving up a lot to get it.

With our own Daniel Bader taking on the canonical KEY2 review for Android Central, and Jerry Hildenbrand following it up with his own thoughts, I’m in the privileged position of using the phone far longer before putting my conclusive thoughts down. I’ve been using the KEY2 for over three weeks now, which was essential for me to get over the stumbles  [Read More…]

OnePlus 6 review, a second opinion: The best Android phone under $550

This is a fantastic phone with top-notch software, performance and capabilities — and it happens to be a few hundred bucks cheaper than the competition.

OnePlus has been so incredibly consistent in its phone releases, particularly since the OnePlus 2, that you kind of get tired of the storyline. It’s a flagship-level phone, without the flagship-level price. (The “flagship killer” moniker has all but died, thankfully.) We get it now, that base premise in itself no longer  [Read More…]

Complete the new Developer Economics Survey: Voice your opinion and win a Galaxy S9!

Developers – Now is the time to share your opinions and enter to win amazing prizes like a Galaxy S9!

Is JavaScript giving you headaches? Do you wish other developers knew how important Swift and Rust will be in the coming years? It’s your chance to turn your opinions into a tool of change! The new Developer Economics survey is open NOW, calling out all software developers to take part. Start right away!

Don’t miss a chance  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S9 second opinion review: A battery short of perfection

Samsung once again nails the one-size-fits-all flagship, but mediocre battery life holds it back from an A+.

There’s rarely a more consumer-facing phone than the latest Samsung flagship. Say what you will about the Pixel 2 having cleaner software or the LG V30 being better for filmmaking, but the fact is that the Galaxy S9 is the phone plastered on every billboard, every web ad, and every subway station. For the vast majority of consumers, it’s the  [Read More…]

Huawei Mate 10 Pro review: A second opinion

Huawei’s best efforts can’t save this great phone from a failed launch in the U.S.

Samsung isn’t the only brand known for throwing seemingly every possible feature into its phones, and the telecom giant Huawei is betting big on AI this year with its new flagship, the Mate 10 Pro. With an attractive design, speedy performance, and a massive battery, it’s the best phone the company has ever crafted, but a number of unforeseen circumstances may keep  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: A second opinion

In a post-Galaxy S8 world, the Note 8 is safe, predictable and arguably overpriced. But it’s still one of the very best Android phones you can buy right now.

Until recently, the last Galaxy Note I could actually buy in the UK was a model released almost three years ago. 2015’s Note 5 never reached European shores, and the Note 7 was canned just before the official Euro release could begin. It’s been a rough couple of  [Read More…]