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Samsung teased the Galaxy Z Flip during the Oscars’ commercial break

The company couldn’t wait till Tuesday.

What you need to know Samsung preempted itself by showing off the Galaxy Z Flip two days before its official unveiling. The foldable was found flipping its way around TVs earlier today during the Oscars’ commercial break. The phone is expected to cost between $ 1,300 and $ 1,400 in the U.S.

Samsung took the wraps off its newest foldable in the most dramatic way possible: during an event filled with  [Read More…]

Casey Neistat delivers a powerful message in Samsung’s Oscars ad

“We’re the makers. The directors and creators of this generation.”

At last year’s Oscars, Samsung showcased the Gear VR with William H. Macy, while YouTube personality Casey Neistat took the 360-degree camera out onto the red carpet. For this year’s Academy Awards, Samsung is once again partnering with Neistat in a commercial titled, “The Rest of Us,” where he talks about the increasing role played by YouTube and smartphones in general in shaping the content of the future.

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Deck your phone out for your Oscars Party with these award-worthy wallpapers!

It’s time for us all to pretend we care about movies as an art form for one night!

This weekend, millions will gather at Oscar parties and act like they knew Hidden Figures was going to win Best Picture. Or Moonlight. Or Arrival. As the proud holder of a Radio-Television-Film BA, I’m gonna ooh and aah over the fanfare, whine when Disney doesn’t sweep everything, and squee within an inch of my life when Lin Manuel-Miranda performs.  [Read More…]

William H. Macy tries on the Gear VR in Samsung’s Oscars commercial

Samsung has a big presence during the Oscars, with the vendor rolling out new commercials during the awards show to highlight its latest phones. It’s no different this year, as we have a new celebrity-studded commercial that showcases the best features of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

The commercial includes Wesley Snipes, Lil Wayne, Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers, James Harden, and William H. Macy, who uses the Gear VR to present the Galaxy  [Read More…]

Samsung airs its first Galaxy S5 commercial during the Oscars

Step aside, Academy Award winners, there’s something more important happening on TV tonight: Samsung’s aired their first commercial for the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone. The S5 might be several weeks out still, but that doesn’t mean the marketing blitz can’t get underway. After all, there’s a 5.1-inch HD screen and heartbeat sensor to hype.

Apart from the 30-second dramatic teaser, Samsung’s also put up a 90-second “Amazing Things Happen” video that covers everything that Samsung offers with a  [Read More…]