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Unannounced LG V10 outed by TENAA, may offer a secondary ‘ticker’ display

An unannounced LG handset has made its way to China’s telecom regulator TENAA, featuring rear-mounted power and volume buttons and a textured back pattern. The phone carries V10 branding at the back, but the differentiator could be a secondary “ticker” display that’s similar to the one Samsung used in its Continuum handset all the way back in 2010.

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LG G4 apparently outed in new pics — with a few serious caveats on the specs

And there she be, folks. The LG G4, as outed a wee bit early on s semi-official-looking microsite.

The LG G4 has been unveiled in drips and drabs by LG over the past week, but today it’s been outed in full. Sort of. The listed specs appear to be a mix of what’s already known confuddled with something that resembles the LG G3.

Anyway. Here’s the deal:

As we already knew, we’re looking at a 5.5-inch  [Read More…]

New version of Motorola Skip NFC clip outed by FCC filing

Motorola is preparing to release an updated version of the Skip, the NFC tag that allowed you to easily unlock your Moto X when kept near. The new Skip has made an appearance at the FCC, manual and all, and appears to be a triangular fob with rounded corners.

‘LG G3 Stylus’ outed in official promo video

Could this stylus-equipped G3 be LG’s Galaxy Note 4 competitor?

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 due to arrive within the next month, it appears LG is preparing its own stylus-equipped handset to challenge its local rival. The image above is taken from an official LG promotional video for the LG G3 Beat; at the end of that trailer there’s an unfamiliar pen-toting handset shown alongside the two devices we already know.

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Verizon Sony Xperia Z2 outed on official Google+ page

What have we here? It sure looks like a Sony Xperia Z2 with a big old Verizon logo up top. The image above was published (and since deleted) on the official Sony Xperia Google+ account along with a promotional blurb about the phone. And from what we can see, it’s the same Xperia Z2 that’s currently available in parts of Europe — 5.2-inch display and all.

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Verizon ZTE V66 tablet gets pic outed by the Bluetooth SIG


Behold, the ZTE V66 Android tablet, apparently destined for Verizon at some point. The tablet as already been submitted to the U.S. FCC, and now a thumbnail picture (we’ve blown it up a tad here) has been listed on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s site.

What we’re looking at in the V66 is a 7-inch tablet with some pretty rounded corners, Android 3.2 Honeycomb and 4G LTE data, along  [Read More…]

New myTouch devices outed straight from T-Mobile (Update)

mytouch devices featured

The myTouch family is growing. T-Mobile has put up the “Coming Soon” pages for two new myTouch devices on the official website (ahead of announcement). And boy, do these look good.

These bad boys are the T-Mobile myTouch (Black) and the T-Mobile myTouch Q (by LG). Sadly, not much is known about the specs for these devices, and much of what is reveled seems doubtful. As of  [Read More…]