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Realme Watch is a budget smartwatch that monitors blood oxygen levels

The Realme Watch is now official in India, offering a vast array of features for just ₹3,999 ($ 52).

Realme made its foray into wearables with the Realme Band earlier this year, and now the brand is debuting its first full-fledged smartwatch. The Realme Watch is a budget smartwatch that retails for just ₹3,999 ($ 52) in India, offering features like real-time heart monitoring and blood oxygen saturation levels.

The Realme Watch has a 1.4-inch LCD panel  [Read More…]

How to measure blood oxygen saturation with a Samsung phone

Oxygen saturation, often shortened to SpO2, is a measure of the concentration of oxygen in your blood. On numerous Samsung phones, SpO2 can be measured using a series of sensors on the back of the phone in a method called pulse oximetry, which emits and absorbs a light wave through the blood vessels in your fingertip.

Samsung has moved this feature around quite a bit and even removed it entirely on many of its newer phones, but if  [Read More…]

You can now check your blood oxygen levels with your Fitbit

Fitbit has built a solid reputation based on the quality of its wearables and its easy-to-understand in-app analytics. It was one of the first companies to popularize wrist-based heart rate monitoring, and also one of the first to include a built-in SpO2 sensor to measure blood oxygen levels. Now that this feature has been cleared by the FDA and activated by Fitbit, we’ll explain how to use it and why it is important.

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Oxygen OS 4.1.7 rolling out to the OnePlus 3 and 3T

The OnePlus 3 and 3T have been updated with bug fixes and security patches.

While the company has since released the OnePlus 5, OnePlus is still committed to taking care of users of the OnePlus 3 and 3T. To that end, OnePlus has begun rolling out Oxygen OS 4.1.7 to the 3 and 3T, bringing some welcome improvements.

Most importantly, the phones are now on the August 2017 security patch, up from the May 2017 patch. There  [Read More…]

ARCHOS unveils new line of Marshmallow-powered Oxygen tablets

ARCHOS has announced three new Android tablets, each of which it plans to show off next week at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. The 7-inch 70 Oxygen, 8-inch 80 Oxygen, and 10.1-inch 101b Oxygen all feature 1080p full HD displays, and each tablet will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow at launch.

Apart from screen sizes, the new Oxygen tablets mostly feature identical specifications. They run on 1.3GHz quad-core processors, and have 2GB  [Read More…]

ARCHOS announces the 5-inch 50d Oxygen, coming in May for $149

ARCHOS has announced its latest smartphone, the 50d Oxygen, which it plans to show off in full at Mobile World Congess 2016. The 50d Oxygen runs Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box, and will go on sale in May 2016 with a recommended price of $ 149.99.

The ARCHOS 50d Oxygen will feature a 5-inch, 1080p display. It will be powered by an octa-core MediaTek processor running at 1.3GHz, and have 2GB of RAM.  [Read More…]

Samsung S Health update adds oxygen saturation measurement and more

Samsung has updated their S Health app in the Galaxy Apps Store, adding some new features, while removing others for users in some countries. New features include weight management, sleeping time, and oxygen saturation measurement.

Archos announces 50b Platinum handset and 101 Oxygen tablet ahead of IFA

Archos has announced a few new devices leading up to the inevitably busy IFA event next week. The 5-inch 50b Platinum smartphone will be landing in September for £119, its smaller cousin the 45c Platinum will launch around the same time for £99, and the 101 Oxygen will be following up in October for £199.

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Archos 50c Oxygen brings a big screen and 8 cores for £179

Archos may have brought the world the first Android tablets, but their latest smartphone takes a more budget-friendly line by going big and cheap. The Archos 50c Oxygen has a 5-inch 1280×720 IPS display (293ppi) slapped onto the front of a matte black body that measures just 7.64mm thick. What’s inside isn’t terribly impressive, but that’s what you get at £179 (US$ 300) unlocked and off contract.

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Withings Pulse O2 keeps tabs on your oxygen levels

Withings has announced a new health band called Pulse O2. It does all of the usual stuff, like monitor steps, heart rate, elevation, distance traveled, sleep habits, and estimates calories burned, but the really cool feature here is the ability to monitor the oxygen level in your blood. That information is estimated from the infrared heart rate monitor, then beamed to your phone through a companion app. The device itself can be mounted in a wrist  [Read More…]