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Kingdom Hearts’ entire story will be available in one package on PS4

Play the entire Kingdom Hearts story with this All-in-One Package.

What you need to know Kingdom Hearts has a complicated plot, to say the least. Soon, you can experience that complicated plot in its utter entirety on PlayStation 4 in North America. The Kingdom Hearts All-in-One Package is set to release on PlayStation in North America on March 17. It’ll be available for $ 50 at GameStop.

If any North American PlayStation 4 owners have been waiting  [Read More…]

Google’s working to make package tracking much easier for you

The program is in early access right now.

What you need to know Google is experimenting with a new Package Tracking Early Access Program. It allows the company to show important tracking important from within the search engine. The Early Access program does require courier services to opt-in.

If you appreciate Google’s Assistant’s tidy little reminders of your incoming packages, you’ll be pleased to know that Google is looking to do something similar for its search engine.  [Read More…]

The Nest Hello doorbell upgraded with package tracking — finally!

The Nest Hello is probably my most-used piece of smart home tech. It works as a security camera, an intercom and, alongside my Nest x Yale door lock, a way to let people into my house when I’m not there. It’s great.

But like many smart doorbells, it can’t do anything about packages left at the door — a practice that, with drivers from Amazon, UPS, FedEx and other delivery companies increasingly pressed for time during busy shifts,  [Read More…]

Need to return an Amazon Package? Just stop by your nearest Kohl’s

So long, pesky post office.

Starting this July, Kohl’s will be offering free Amazon returns across the lower 48 United States.

You read that correctly. Kohl’s stores all over the country will be accepting eligible Amazon items, without a box or a label, and returning them for free. There’s no additional cost. Simply drop off your item and Kohl’s will ship it back to an Amazon return center. The program has been running since 2017 in select Chicago and  [Read More…]

Should I purchase a Gigabit internet package for PlayStation 4?

Best answer: If the option is available to you and you live in a large household that streams a lot of content simultaneously on multiple devices, a gigabit internet package is an excellent idea.

Fiber optics: Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet (From $ 80/month at Verizon) PSN benefits: PlayStation Plus 12-month ($ 45 at Amazon) What is Gigabit internet?

When you purchase an internet package, you may notice a lot of numbers you aren’t familiar with, like a  [Read More…]

The Kingdom Hearts: All-in-One Package has the most value for fans

Best answer: For fans of the series or those looking to experience everything, the All-in-One Package is the way to go.

PlayStation: Kingdom Hearts: All-in-One Package ($ 100)

What are my options?

There are quite a few Kingdom Hearts bundles out on the market, but the ones most relevant are The Story So Far and the upcoming All-in-One Package. Though you do have the option to purchase a bundle of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5  [Read More…]

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4 Pro preview: Android TV and PatchWall in one package

With the Mi LED TV 4 Pro, Xiaomi is offering the best of both worlds.

Xiaomi introduced its Mi TV 4 series in India earlier this year, offering the 4K-enabled Mi LED TV 4 and the FHD Mi TV 4A variants. The company managed to sell over 500,000 units in just six months, a notable achievement considering the smart TV space in India is still in its infancy.

Xiaomi is now launching updated variants of the Mi  [Read More…]

Best Package Tracking Apps for Android

What’s the best way to track a package on Android? Check out these package tracking apps!

If you’re shopping online from a bunch of different sites, it can be difficult to keep track of every purchase. Download a killer parcel tracking app and get your ducks in a row before a fat guy comes down your chimney.

Deliveries ParcelTrack AfterShip 17TRACK TrackChecker Mobile Package Tracker Pro Slice: Package Tracker


Deliveries is  [Read More…]

VRHeads is giving away a Samsung Galaxy S8 and Gear VR prize package!

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are here! These new phones are feature packed and make a perfect upgrade if you’re interested in pairing a new phone with the Gear VR and Controller. In fact, they’re such a great combo that Samsung has partnered with carries and retailers to give away a free Gear VR with Controller bundle when you preorder the Galaxy S8, which is pretty awesome.

But we thought we’d go one step further and give  [Read More…]

Android Central Offers is giving away a Google hardware package, and it could be yours

Interested in all of the new stuff from Google this year but don’t have the cash to purchase it all for yourself? Wouldn’t it be sweet if there was some way you could try and win a bunch of it that didn’t cost you any money? Well, there is, and your chance to do it is here now!

Enter now to win! Learn More

That’s right, you can enter now to win a sweet Google hardware giveaway from  [Read More…]