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Kaspersky Free vs. Paid: Is it worth upgrading?

Enough for most Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free

Free at Kaspersky

Pros Virus protection Protects from suspicious sites VPN included Account monitoring Cons Always connected service Limited privacy protection Not a lot of VPN data

Kaspersky’s free option is now part of its Security Cloud line, which brings new features beyond pure antivirus software. It also includes VPN data, a password manager, the ability to scan for weak settings, and monitoring for your online accounts. For  [Read More…]

The first paid Control expansion, The Foundation, is releasing on March 26

Deeper and deeper into The Oldest House.

What you need to know Control is the latest game from Remedy Entertainment. It launched in 2019 to quite a bit of critical success. A free DLC, Expeditions, was released in December 2019. The first paid Expansion, The Foundation, is now coming on March 26.

Today, Remedy shared some exciting news. The first paid expansion for Control is on the way! The Foundation is the first major paid expansion for  [Read More…]

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN: Which is best for you?

A free VPN, or virtual private network, is a wonderful thing — as many things that are free tend to be. But, as is also often the case, you get what you pay for and a paid VPN is often better. That said, it all depends on what you need. So which is the best VPN for you, free or paid?

The price difference between these two options is clearly big, going from totally free to the average monthly price  [Read More…]

Google temporarily suspends paid extension updates in the Chrome Web Store

There’s no ETA for when the ban will be lifted.

What you need to know The Chrome Web Store will no longer accept paid extensions. Updates to paid extensions already published have also been blocked. The change in policy is a temporary measure aimed at halting a tide of fraudulent transactions involving the extension marketplace.

While Google this week launched experiments that make its browser much harder to use, it’s also been dealing with others’ attempts to  [Read More…]

Fallout 76 is getting a paid membership service called Fallout 1st

Get monthly Atoms, Private Worlds and more with Fallout 1st.

What you need to know Bethesda has announced a new membership subscription for Fallout 76 called Fallout 1st. This membership allows you to create a Private World, have infinite storage, get Atoms per month and more. The subscription costs $ 12.99 USD per month, or $ 99.99 USD for a year. Fallout 76 is currently $ 16 on Amazon.

Bethesda has announced a new way to pay  [Read More…]

Andy Rubin was reportedly paid $9 million to leave his own venture firm

Rubin left Playground in late-May earlier this year.

What you need to know A new report reveals that Andy Rubin was paid $ 9 million to leave Playground Global back in May. Playground Global is a venture firm that Rubin founded In 2015. Rubin “no longer has any economic interest in or any ongoing roles at Playground Global or the related funds.”

Earlier this week, Essential founder — and Android creator — Andy Rubin found himself in the  [Read More…]

Google paid people to scan their faces for Pixel 4 ‘field research’

The goal is to make the Pixel 4’s face unlock as inclusive as possible.

What you need to know Google has confirmed that it paid people to scan their faces. A report about this surfaced earlier this month. Face unlock is being used as part of the Pixel 4’s Motion Sense features.

Google threw the tech blogging world for another loop on July 29 when it shared a teaser video for the Pixel 4 to confirm two  [Read More…]

Would you pay a subscription to access lots of paid Google Play apps?

Would you rather pay one monthly fee to avoid paying for apps individually?

Enterprising developers tear through every line of code in Google apps looking for hints and hidden treasure maps that lead them to the next great feature on the horizon; it’s a bit like shaking your presents while you wait for Christmas to arrive. Over the last few months, rumors have been growing as more and more references to a mysterious “Play Pass” in Google Play Store  [Read More…]

Google One is replacing Drive for paid online storage

The service also comes with expert help, Play credits, and more.

Google I/O may be over, but that doesn’t mean Google-centric announcements stop. Today, the search giant announced that it’s upgrading its paid Drive storage plans under a new Google One moniker.

Similar to what you can get with Drive storage right now, Google One will allow users to buy additional space in the cloud for housing all of your files across Google Photos, Gmail, and Drive.  [Read More…]