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Here’s your chance to save $900 on a pair of Samsung Galaxy S10 devices

There is never any reason why you should be paying full price for a new smartphone. There’s always a deal to be had, whether it involves buying the device out-right or making monthly payments on it. Take the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 deal at Verizon for example. You can score $ 600 off any of the S10 models when you buy another S10 at regular price with monthly device payments and add a line to any Unlimited plan. That would  [Read More…]

Google details new Fast Pair features, coming first to the Pixel Buds

Fast Pair’s updates make the wireless earbuds experience on Android so much better.

What you need to know Google has updated Android’s Fast Pair with new features as it launches new true wireless earbuds. These include find my device, battery notifications, and personalization updates. The new Fast Pair features will be enabled on the Pixel Buds first, with other devices receiving them in the coming months.

Google just launched the Pixel Buds 2 today, and they’re very  [Read More…]

Getting a Galaxy S20? Here are some great headphones to pair it with

The Galaxy S20 includes exciting new additions like a 120Hz screen, but it misses out on one important feature: the 3.5mm jack. Samsung is the latest brand to ditch the analog jack, and that means you’ll have to use Bluetooth headphones to listen to music on your S20. The obvious choice is Sony’s WH-1000XM3 for its superlative sound quality combined by excellent noise isolation.

Best Overall: Sony WH-1000XM3

A year after their launch, the WH-1000XM3 continue  [Read More…]

Here’s how to pair a Bluetooth controller to the new NVIDIA Shield TV

Even though NVIDIA no longer bundles its own gaming controller with the new NVIDIA Shield TV (2019), you’re still able to use the tubular streaming device for gaming — you just need to connect your own Bluetooth controller. Here’s how to get things set up.

Products used in this guide Best Android TV: NVIDIA Shield TV (2019) ($ 150 at Amazon) Game on!: SteelSeries Stratus Duo ($ 36 at Amazon) How to pair a Bluetooth controller with the  [Read More…]

It’s easy to pair a new Alexa Voice Remote to your Amazon Fire TV!

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to “permanently misplace” or break a TV remote, you know how frustrating it can be to find just the right one and get it paired back up again. The good news is that if you have a Fire TV device, this process can be relatively pain-free and easy. I’ll show you how in the steps below!

Products used in this guide Ultimate controller: Alexa Voice Remote ($ 30 at Amazon) Next-gen DVR:  [Read More…]

How to spend less than $100 on a pair of true wireless earbuds

True wireless earbuds have gotten great over the past several years. The ones you typically hear about are super expensive, but there are some great budget options out there, such as the Creative Outlier Air, which offer fantastic battery life, great comfort, and superb sound quality for under $ 100.

Best Overall: Creative Outlier Air

Battery life is one of the standout features of the Creative Outlier Air. Even compared to some high-end true wireless earbuds,  [Read More…]

The best options for when you want Fast Pair headphones

Fast Pair is a technology that lets you quickly pair your Bluetooth headphones to your Android phone without having to dig through multiple menus. Simply place them into pairing mode and bring your headphones and Android phone close together. There aren’t too many options on the market (yet), but the Jaybird Tarah are the best we can find thanks to its overall solid battery life, sound quality, and comfort.

Best Overall: Jaybird Tarah

The Jaybird Tarah  [Read More…]

Razer’s Junglecat is like a pair of Switch Joy-Cons for your phone

Turn your phone into a Switch.

What you need to know Razer launched the Junglecat, a new mobile gaming controller. The Junglecat can be used like a traditional gamepad, or attached to a phone case for a select set of Android phones. You can buy the Junglecat now for $ 100 at Razer.

Razer today launched the Junglecat, its take on a mobile gaming controller for your phone. And if you’re familiar with the Nintendo Switchs Joy-Cons,  [Read More…]

What is Sync Pair Scouting in Pokémon Masters and how do you use it?

If you’ve just begun playing Pokémon Masters, you’ve probably discovered that there’s a lot going on in this game. You’re going to want to take advantage of all of the features available to you. One of the most important features is Sync Pair Scout, which allows you to add trainers and their Pokémon to your team. This article will show you how to get new team members through Sync Pair Scout and explain what a Sync Pair scout  [Read More…]

Use Google Assistant on the go with a pair of headphones

While our smartphones are getting smarter over time with A.I, manufacturers are finding more ways to make every day life more manageable. One of those ways is getting the Google Assistant on as many devices as humanly possible. One product category where the Assistant has become super useful in is headphones. Google’s own Pixel Buds are a good example. It gives you easy access to the Assistant while also adding additional functionality.

Best Overall: Sony WF-1000XM3

  [Read More…]