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Lyft is prepping a number of new features for passengers and drivers

Features include background location tracking, a price watch function, dark mode, and more.

What you need to know App hacker Jane Manchun Wong has discovered a slew of new features Lyft is working on for its app. Some highlights include background location sharing, Auto-arrive, a dark mode, and a price watching tool. None of the features are currently live in the app, and Lyft has given no official announcement or timeline on when we can expect to  [Read More…]

Waymo’s self-driving taxis are ready to pick up passengers in Arizona

Unlike your typical taxi, Waymo’s cabs are a truly personal experience because there’s no one else inside.

What you need to know Fully driverless taxis from Waymo are now driving in Phoenix, Arizona. Only a special group of 400 participants has access to these, for now. These driverless minivans could be coming to other cities in the near future, such as Los Angeles.

Waymo has been publicly testing its self-driving cars since the company spun off from  [Read More…]

Transport Canada advises airline passengers not to place Note 7 in checked baggage

Transport Canada has issued a statement about taking the Galaxy Note 7 on planes following a global recall and subsequent statement from the FAA.

In the statement, the airline regulator recommends Canadians traveling with the beleaguered device “be carried in the cabin, where an incident can be immediately mitigated,” and to avoid keeping the phone in checked luggage where a fire “could easily overwhelm the fire suppression system of an aircraft.”

The move mirrors a similar statement  [Read More…]