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Bell paves way for higher prices across Canada with MTS deal

Things are going to get worse before they get better.

In many cities across Canada, the announcement that BCE Inc. had purchased MTS, Manitoba’s largest wireless provider, was met with a resounding shrug. Why should it matter to those in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia that the name on their bill will soon change for a million people in the middle of the country?

Simply, because MTS has traditionally undercut the Big Three — Rogers, Telus  [Read More…]

S-OFF for HTC One M8 paves way for further hackery

S-OFF exploit for M8 released by Firewater team, Google Play edition conversion now possible for GSM handsets

Good news for those wanting greater freedom to hack and tinker with the HTC One M8, as the Firewater dev team has released its method for gaining S-OFF (“security off”) on the device. The method is relatively straightforward if you’re handy with a command line — first your device will need to be rooted, then disable any lockscreen security,  [Read More…]