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Fitbit extends Pebble support through June 2018

Current Pebble owners can also get a $ 50 discount on the Fitbit Ionic.

In early December of 2016, Pebble was shut down after being acquired by Fitbit. Fitbit originally said that it’d continue to support the Pebble ecosystem until 2018, but the company has now extended that support for six more months.

The Pebble 2

The announcement came via Fitbit’s developer blog, and now Pebblers will be able to keep using their wearables like as  [Read More…]

Grab an original Pebble smart watch (refurb) for just $18

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with an impulse purchase that will take you back a few years.

The original Pebble smartwatch made waves when it was first revealed. From the moment it hit Kickstarter there was a ton of hype around it, and people loved it once they got their hands on it. Years have passed since the initial release, and while smart watches have become more sophisticated and Pebble was bought out by  [Read More…]

Fitbit purchases Vector, the Pebble competitor

Fitbit moves to compete with Android Wear in 2017.

Fitbit has acquired yet another smartwatch maker, this time a small Romanian outfit, Vector, made up of former Citizen employees.

The move comes barely a month after Fitbit’s acquisition of Pebble, a more well-known smartwatch builder in North America, yet Pebble and Vector share many similarities.

Vector built a series of round smartwatches that used e-paper displays to extend battery life to 30 days in some cases, in  [Read More…]

R.I.P. Pebble: What to wear next

Why, why, why?!

Pebble has bought the farm, as Fitbit has bought Pebble, so they could pay off all the debts they acquired from buying the farm. Since Pebble has gone to that big wrist in the sky, you’re going to need to know what’s ready-to-wearable.

MrMobile and special guest Joshua Vergara of Android Authority team up to talk about the good times and bad, the bright and the dark of what was once Kickstarter’s King. They’ll also suggest  [Read More…]

Pebble shuts down following Fitbit acquisition

Fitbit picks up Pebble’s software assets and IP.

Following reports from earlier today, Fitbit has officially announced that it is acquiring “specific assets” of Pebble that includes “key personnel and intellectual property related to software and firmware development.” No monetary terms were disclosed, but Bloomberg’s report suggested the deal was valued under $ 40 million.

Fitbit co-founder and CEO James Park said in the official announcement that Fitbit is now “well positioned to accelerate the expansion  [Read More…]

Fitbit close to buying Pebble, Time 2 and Pebble Core could be killed off

Fitbit could scoop up Pebble for under $ 40 million.

Fitbit is reportedly getting ready to acquire Pebble’s software assets. Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg notes that the deal is valued at under $ 40 million, and will include hiring Pebble’s software engineers as well as the company’s IP — its watch operating system, watch apps, and cloud services:

The purchase price is less than $ 40 million, and Pebble’s debt and other  [Read More…]

Slap a Pebble Time to your wrist for just $90 right now!

Right now you can pick up a Pebble Time smartwatch for just $ 90 at Amazon, a savings of $ 60 from its regular price. If you aren’t a fan of the current Android Wear watches and still want something to deliver notifications to your wrist, this is worth checking out. The Pebble Time is the first smartwatch from the company that offers a color display and its new Timeline OS. Pebble has also introduced a number of activity tracking  [Read More…]

Pebble introduces Quick Looks, Fast Actions and more

Pebble has introduced version 4.0 of its Pebble Time software focusing on speed and making it work better for you. From a faster launcher with app glances to an all-new Pebble Health app, there is a whole lot of changes in this update. The new health app brings redesigned cards that give quick glances to your stats, and from there you can dive deeper into the stats if you want. The timeline has quick views and the 4-button quick launch  [Read More…]

Save $60 on a Pebble Time right now!

Right now you can grab a Pebble Time for just $ 90 at Amazon, a $ 60 savings from its original price. Whether you are looking for a replacement of your current Pebble, or wanting to try a smartwatch out for the first time, this deal is one you won’t want to miss out on. The Pebble Time is the first smartwatch with a color display from Pebble, and it offers amazing battery life, awesome new health tracking features, and  [Read More…]

You can save $65 on a Pebble Time smartwatch right now

Right now you can pick up a brand new Pebble Time smartwatch for just $ 85 at eBay, a savings of $ 65 from its retail price. Whether you are in the market for your first smartwatch, a fitness tracker or want to upgrade your current Pebble to something newer, this is a deal you won’t want to miss out on. The team at Pebble has been hard at work adding new health tracking features to beef the capabilities of  [Read More…]