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US Cellular to offer phones for a penny and more on Black Friday

US Cellular has detailed its Black Friday sales for customers, and they include savings on phones, up to $ 400 in promotional cards when switching and more. Existing customers should head to their local US Cellular store before Thanksgiving in order to receive two free gigs of data for the next two months.

Coffee date with Google’s Eric Schmidt will cost a pretty penny, but it’s all going to a good cause

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is offering to give 30 minutes of his time in New York City to the highest bidder via an online auction where the proceeds will go to charity.

Reminder: Moto X penny down test drive begins tomorrow

Motorola’s campaign to get the Moto X into the hands of more users begins tomorrow. Starting Monday, June 9, Motorola will allow users to build a custom Moto X through the Moto Maker Design Studio and try it for just $ 0.01. The in-home trial will last for two weeks, offering customers a relatively easy and risk free way to trial the Moto X and many of its unique features, including Active Display Notifications.

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Motorola will build you a custom Moto X to try for two weeks for just a penny

On Monday, June 9, Motorola will let you build a custom Moto X with Moto Maker, and then ship it to you for a two-week at-home trial. All for just $ 0.01. That’s right, a custom Moto X for two weeks for a penny. That is, just on Monday, and only “while quantities last,” though we imagine we’re still looking at a good number of phones here.

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Amazon Wireless drops all Verizon phones to a penny, including the Droid Bionic


Amazon Wireless has a pretty fantastic deal going for new Verizon customers right now. You can get any handset you want on Big Red for just a penny with a new 2-year contract, including free 2-day shipping.

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