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Now may be a perfect time to buy miles and points

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The travel industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak. Thousands of aircraft are parked due to the low passenger loads, and hotel occupancy in the U.S. and  [Read More…]

Why Chromebooks have become the perfect work from home laptop

Chromebooks’ ease-of-use, affordability, and reliability have helped them win over parents and kids.

I’ve worked full-time on a Chromebook for years now, and while I’ve been asked recommendations on which Chromebook to buy for a work computer — ASUS C434 if you want a flashier 2-in-1, Acer 715 if you want something big, reliable, and affordable — the interest they’ve gotten over the last two months as everyone scrambled for work from home computers has been impressive.  [Read More…]

Working from home? HP can help you build the perfect home office

Telecommuting is officially the new normal. People are now working from home with greater frequency than ever, dialing-in to the office from their living rooms, dining rooms, and computer rooms. For some, this shift to remote work comes as naturally as breathing, and they wonder how they ever lived without it.

For others, calling it a challenge would be putting it lightly.

They struggle to complete even simple tasks, wrestling with the constant urge to distract themselves online.  [Read More…]

Anker’s Nebula Mars II projector is the perfect buy for nights in

Anker’s Nebula Mars II is a portable projector that lets you bring a screen pretty much anywhere you go, and now that it’s on sale for just $ 349.99 at Woot, it’s worth some serious consideration for all of the evenings you’re about to spend at home. At $ 150 off, today’s deal marks one of the best prices this projector has ever had; it more commonly sells for $ 500. You’ve only got until the end of the day  [Read More…]

An Amazon tablet is perfect for the kids while they’re out of school

They start at $ 80 and can offer as much kid-friendly content as any other device.

So, your company decided you will be working from home for a while at the same time your school district has shut down. Good! Keeping groups of people who have been exposed to other groups where someone might be coughing Coronavirus all over the place is a smart move.

But it might not seem like such a good decision if you’ve  [Read More…]

The Galaxy Z Flip is a fairly durable phone, but it’s not perfect

Best answer: As far as foldable phones go, the Galaxy Z Flip is about as durable as they come. Its hinge has been tested by Samsung to go through 200,000 folds without any issues, meaning it shouldn’t give out on you at any point in owning the phone. It also features Samsung’s new Ultra Thin Glass, making it the first folding phone on the market with a glass display. However, the protective plastic layer covering that glass  [Read More…]

With Weblium, you can use AI to build your perfect website

Whether you’re trying to grow your freelance design career, expand your business reach, or improve communication with a local organization, a website is an extremely valuable tool. But if you have little technical expertise, how do you build one? Rather than shelling out thousands on web designers, consider Weblium Landing Page Pro instead.

Unlike other site builders that bog you down with complicated tools and hidden fees, Weblium is all about providing you with a streamlined, hassle-free way to build  [Read More…]

Make the perfect play with these PlayStation 4 sports games

Sports games have wide appeal, letting you live your fantasy of crafting the perfect team and leading your favorite players to victory. They give you a way to enjoy your favorite sport during the off-season or try games that would be impossible, or at least illegal, in the real world. Whether your a hardcore fan or a casual competitor, the PlayStation 4 has a wide selection of titles to choose from.

Featured favorite Rocket League

Why  [Read More…]

Google will now help you find the perfect dress right from the search bar

You’ll also be able to see a review rating for each item.

What you need to know Google wants to help online shoppers deal with the plethora of choices they have by aggregating products from different sites in one place. A new ‘popular products’ section in search results will now list the most successful clothing items across the web. The inline widget also includes options for filtering results and includes reviews scraped from the different stores carrying  [Read More…]

This last-minute Cyber Monday deal is the perfect nightstand charger

We’re winding down on Cyber Monday, but there’s still a few more deals worth snagging before you drift off to sleep. When I’m done writing this post, I’m heading into my pitch black bedroom, slipping under my weighted blanket, and throwing my Pixel 4 on a charger so that it recovers after a long day of video calls and Disney Emoji Blitz.

I won’t have to hassle with getting a cable lined up or plugged in all the way, like  [Read More…]