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Learn how to use a Philips Hue light like a status update

Whether you’re new to working from home or you have been at it for some time, there are moments when you need to be uninterrupted. A simple way to do this is by setting up a color-changing smart light with a switch of some sort. Put it around your office door, in a hall on the way to your office, or in a common space where your family or roommates will see it. By doing this it’ll be  [Read More…]

The best smart LED light bulbs for your home from Philips Hue

One of the best ways to start off or expand a smart home is through smart lights. Lighting can really set the mood in a home, creating a warm, inviting ton when you want to relax or brightening things up when you’re ready to party. When it comes to smart lighting, Philips Hue is one of the most recognizable and popular brands thanks to the wide range of products in the line, all of which can easily be  [Read More…]

Philips Hue Bridge v1 support ending April 2020

One year on from announcing that support was winding up, the Hue Bridge v1 will become obsolete next month.

What you need to know Philips has confirmed via Twitter that the Hue Bridge v1 will stop getting software updates after April 2020. Philips initially announced that support was winding up in April of 2019. After April, the v1 will not work with the Hue app, or any digital assistants.

Philips has confirmed via Twitter that support for  [Read More…]

New Philips Hue outdoor fixtures are low-power and Bluetooth ready

Voice control is also coming to Hue Play this spring.

What you need to know Philips Hue has new outdoor fixtures, including path lighting and up-and-down lights. Low-voltage versions of the new lights and some older fixtures are now available. Philips Hue Play will get a voice control update this spring for all your preferred voice assistants.

Signify, the maker of the Philips Hue family of smart connected light bulbs, has announced new outdoor fixtures as well  [Read More…]

The Philips Hue Play Sync Box lets you sync your lights to your TV

Finally, a way to sync your Hue lights with your TV without needing to use your computer!

Philips Hue is one of the best smart lighting systems you can buy, offering precise color reproduction and compatability with a series of accessories like dimmer switches and motion sensors. However, its biggest competitor, LIFX, has a key advantage in that it makes it easy to show off your range of smart lighting and can use the microphone on your  [Read More…]

Philips launches a 24-inch Android TV designed for the kitchen

Philips wants you to stop using your tablet to watch videos in the kitchen.

What you need to know Philips has launched a new 24-inch “smart” TV for the kitchen, featuring a built-in Google Assistant speaker. The unique Android TV has been priced at $ 300. It will be going on sale in the U.S. and Canada from major retailers starting today.

Philips today launched (via 9to5Google) a truly unique Android TV that is unlike anything else  [Read More…]

Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box syncs your Hue lights with your TV for $230

Supports up to 4K 60Hz HDR, launches on October 15.

What you need to know The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box will sync your color-capable Hue lights with your TV for $ 230. It supports 4K 60Hz HDR with 4 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output. Pre-orders begin today at meethue.com and Best Buy, but the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box won’t officially launch until October 15.

Philips Hue, the makers of Hue smart lighting  [Read More…]

ET2 Lighting’s new collection works with Philips Hue and your smart home

Smart lighting can be beautiful.

ET2 Lighting has joined the Philips Hue ‘Friends with Hue’ program and added four new smart lighting fixtures designed to work with Philips Hue products and your smart home. Unlike most of the Philips Hue lineup that exists to add some smartness to your existing fixtures, ET2 Lighting is “bringing design-focused lighting concepts.”

Looks Good and Obeys your Commands ET2 Lighting iWood LED pendant light

Your smart home doesn’t have to be  [Read More…]

Add four white Philips Hue LED bulbs to your smart home and save $10

Right now you can pick up a 4-pack of Philips Hue white dimmable A19 smart bulbs for $ 39.99, which is $ 10 lower than it normally sells for. That price matches a low we’ve only seen a couple times over the last year, the last of which was on Black Friday 2018.

Need A Light? Philips Hue white dimmable A19 smart bulbs

It’s 2019, and your light bulbs should be smart. This price is the best we’ve  [Read More…]

Friday’s top deals: Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, Philips Hue, and more

It’s been a long week, so why not treat yourself to one of these awesome deals? Perhaps then you’ll get that Friday feeling. You deserve it.

Think of the children Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

Amazon wants more people to try its rather awesome FreeTime Unlimited service, so right now you can use it for 3 months for just $ 3, and you also get a free Kindle e-Book credit.

$ 2.99 $ 27.99 $ 25 off

See at  [Read More…]