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Facebook’s photo transfer tool to Google Photos is now available globally

Facebook’s photo and video transfer tool is now available globally.

What you need to know Facebook’s new photo transfer tool is now rolling out to users around the world. The tool lets you easily transfer all your Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos. Facebook had launched the photo transfer tool in Ireland last year, as part of the Data Transfer Project.

In December last year, Facebook began testing a new photo transfer tool to allow users  [Read More…]

Want better photo and video? Learn how to stabilize your phone

No one likes a photo that comes out blurry, terribly crooked, or, worst of all, with part of a finger blocking it. Stability is essential in photography, and with a smartphone, it’s arguably all the more important. Stabilizing photos comes in many different forms — some within the phone itself through optical or digital stabilization and others that are up to you. Here are keys to remember as you go about lining up your best photos and video.

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Best online photo printing services to use during self-isolation

Photos are amazing to have on display as they remind you milestones or memories in your life, but time is often the limiting factor when it comes to getting your photos organized and selecting the best ones to print and display. You might find you now have an abundance of free time now that you are working from home and self-isolating, so what better way to spend it than pruning your digital library and sending your favorite photos to print?

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The best portable instant photo printers for Android devices

We live in a world where pictures are a godsend in helping us express what we’re thinking and feeling. Most of us put them up online these days, but sometimes you want to preserve those images in a way that you can touch and even hang on your wall. That’s where these portable instant photo printers come into play. These will give you speedy prints, with zero hassle.

Instant and rechargable Canon Selphy Square QX10

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Google Pixel Buds are now available for pre-order on B&H Photo for $179

Expected to launch in spring 2020.

What you need to know Google’s new Pixel Buds have shown up on B&H Photo for pre-order. So far, only the listing for the Clearly White color option is available, and the price is $ 179. The new true wireless Google Pixel Buds are expected to launch this spring.

Google first showed off the new Pixel Buds at its Made by Google event back in October 2019. At that time, the  [Read More…]

Create the best photo ever with these photo editing apps

Choosing a phone with a great camera is only part of the equation. The apps that you use with it — and after the fact — are equally important. But once you’ve taken the photo, how do you make it better? These are the best apps that help you get the most out of your photographs.

Tweak and edit everything Snapseed

Staff Pick

Google’s Snapseed is one of the most accessible photo editing apps for Android,  [Read More…]

Photo mode arrives in Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4 owners

Plenty of moments to capture in the West.

What you need to know Red Dead Redemption 2 has a new update on PlayStation 4. This update adds several new bits of story content that were previously only in the PC version of the game. It also adds photo mode, allowing players to take special shots.

Rockstar has released a new update for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PlayStation 4. This update adds several story mode enhancements that  [Read More…]

On-screen buttons make photo actions easier on Nest Hubs

Google is adding on-screen buttons to manage individual photos right on the screen of your Nest Hub.

What you need to know Previously, these options were possible by asking your Nest hub to perform the specific action. Hiding a photo will archive it in Google Photos. Some photos will also let you see other memories from that day.

Google’s Nest Hub lineup is a wonderful addition to a smart home for various techy reasons, with one of  [Read More…]

This HP Envy Photo Printer is crazy cheap for Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Do you ever take a selfie and think, “man, I should print a load of these out and stick them up around the place to remind myself of how awesome I am?” No? Well, even still, this photo printer is pretty rad, and it’s on sale.

We live in an age of Instagrams, Tiktoks, and Snapchats. Nobody ever prints their photos anymore, wishing them away into a digital ether never to be seen again. Every now and  [Read More…]

These photo printers make it easy to print from your Android phone

Gone are the days of needing to plug your phone into your computer, transferring pictures, and then printing them from the computer. Many printers offer the ability to print directly from your Android device, and with the help of services like Google Cloud Printing, more manufacturer’s are jumping on board. We have found the best photo printers for you to pair with your Android phone, no matter what your budget is.

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