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Peak Design’s Travel Tripod is great for photography (if you can afford it)

As a traveling videographer (well, just a videographer at the moment), I’ve always had an obsession with two categories of gear that make my life a lot easier: backpacks and tripods.

After years of trying bag after bag, Peak Design more or less ended my search for the former with its Everyday Backpack line, which I’ve been a huge fan of since the original 20L model. Now, the San Francisco-based company aims to similarly shake up the tripod  [Read More…]

Introducing the Smartphone Photography eCourse, powered by Android Central

It takes just 1.5 hours to become a better mobile photographer.

Our smartphones are increasingly cameras first, communicators second. For many people, a phone is the only camera they own, used for everything from casual snapshots to professional portraits and award-winning landscapes.

But as the number of sensors and lenses on our phones skyrocket, so does the complexity of actually taking and editing photos. What lens should I use for this shot? What edits does it need to  [Read More…]

Take the best photos with these Galaxy Note 10 photography tips

The Galaxy Note 10’s cameras are great, and one of the best features of the photography experience is just how easy it is to pick up and use without tweaking or learning about specific features. But as is the case with all of Samsung’s phones, there’s more below the surface if you want to get into it. Upgrade your Note 10 photography skills with these great tips and tricks.

Clean your camera lenses

There’s nothing Note 10 specific  [Read More…]

Google pulls 85 adware-laden photography and gaming apps from Play Store

The adware-infected apps were being used by fraudsters to monetize affected devices.

What you need to know Google has removed 85 Android apps from the Play Store after security firm Trend Micro found them to be delivering adware. The adware-laden apps were masquerading as photography or gaming apps on the Play Store. Mobile ad fraud campaigns reportedly cost businesses financial losses of around $ 10 million in 2018.

The security researchers at Trend Micro recently found 85  [Read More…]

These are the best photography accessories for the P30 Pro!

The P30 Pro has rightfully received glowing praise for its amazing camera performance, in particular the ingenious periscope telephoto lens that lets you optically zoom in 5X and with software assistance get up to 10X. But to get the most out of all the cool photography features, you’re probably going to want some extra gear to keep your phone nice and steady.

Mount your phone anywhere Moman Phone Clamp Stand with Universal Bottle Cap Adapter

This clamp just  [Read More…]

Explore photography with $100 off the Panasonic Lumix G85 mirrorless camera

Go mirrorless.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G85MK 4K digital camera with 12-60mm lens is down to $ 697.99 at Amazon, but you can also find a similar deal price at other retailers like B&H and Adorama. This is a very new price drop because the DMC-G85MK sold for around $ 900 most of 2018 and dropped to $ 800 in September. This is the first time we’ve seen it go this low.

The Lumix G85 is a mirrorless  [Read More…]

Improve your smartphone photography with $4 off this Aukey Ora lens kit

Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

Amazon has this Aukey Ora Smartphone Camera Lens on sale for just $ 15.99 when you apply coupon code AUKEYWD7 during checkout. Typically this would cost you about $ 20 and today’s deal matches the best deals we tend to see for this product.

This 2-in-1 lens kit includes a 140-degree wide-angle lens and a 10x macro lens. Get extreme close-ups or gorgeous landscape shots that your phone’s camera simply would  [Read More…]

Prioritize photo-taking with these photography cases for Android

Camera quality is one of the most important factors in a modern smartphone, so we test as many phones and accessories as possible to find the best mobile photography experiences.

The Moment Photo Case is well-known for a reason. On its own, it’s a slim and stylish case that fits on most popular phones, but with the addition of Moment’s high-quality interchangeable lenses, you can turn your phone into a much more versatile camera with options for  [Read More…]

The best photography accessories for the Pixel 3

It’s no secret that the Pixel 3 is one of the most capable phones when it comes to mobile photography, largely thanks to Google’s computational data. Even with just one rear lens, it takes stunning photos in almost any condition, but you can always add to the phone to make it even more versatile, whether that’s with additional lenses or stabilization devices.

Attach extra lenses Moment Photo Case

Moment is the biggest name in mobile photography accessories, and  [Read More…]

Step up your photography with discounted camera essentials for Black Friday

This sale features tripods, backpacks, and more.

If you’ve got an aspiring photographer or avid Instagrammer in the family, Amazon has a sale on essential camera accessories from Manfrotto, Joby, and Lowepro that would certainly brighten up their Christmas, and maybe even level up their creative outlook.

From tripods to camera backpacks and more, there are enough options to suit a wide variety of cameras and skill sets. For those who shoot with their smartphone, Joby’s GripTight  [Read More…]