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Google is planning to reopen some of its offices starting July 6

Most Googlers can continue to work from home through the end of the year.

What you need to know Google plans to open its offices in several cities starting July 6. By September, Google hopes to increase occupancy at its offices from 10 percent to 30 percent. It has also announced a $ 1,000 stipend for employees to buy equipment and furniture for working from home.

In early March, Google instructed its workforce across the globe to  [Read More…]

Facebook is reportedly planning to sell personalized ads in WhatsApp

However, it could take a while before ads start appearing in WhatsApp.

What you need to know A new report claims Facebook plans to start selling ads in WhatsApp eventually. Facebook could implement targeted ads on the encrypted messaging app by matching users’ WhatsApp phone numbers with their Facebook account. The social networking giant will be able to begin showing ads in WhatsApp only after it finishes linking all its social platforms.

In late 2018, Facebook had  [Read More…]

Xiaomi is planning to debut more than 10 new 5G phones next year

The company will launch a few “low-end” 5G smartphones as well.

What you need to know Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has revealed the company is planning to release more than 10 5G phones next year. In addition to flagship models, Xiaomi plans to release mid-range and budget 5G phones as well. The company had launched its first 5G-enabled phone, the Mi 9 Pro in China last month.

Popular Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi launched the Mi 9 Pro  [Read More…]

Capcom is planning to revive “dormant” intellectual properties

Capcom could be bringing back older titles such as Dino Crisis.

What you need to know Capcom is a major video game publisher, responsible for several huge series such as Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. Capcom has released its latest financial report for 2019. In the report, Capcom states that it will “revive dormant IPs” while still focusing on the quality of its titles.

Capcom’s comprehensive report for 2019 has been released, detailing the company’s financial results  [Read More…]

Google is reportedly planning to launch a censored search app in China

This would mark the first time Google Search has been in China since 2010.

While going to Google to search for virtually anything is a common practice for many of us, the same isn’t true for people in China. The Chinese government’s strict censorship rules ban a regular version of Google Search from operating in the country, and while that won’t be changing anytime soon, a new report from The Intercept claims that Google’s working with the  [Read More…]

Google reportedly planning to launch a game platform to rival PlayStation and Xbox

Google is said to be working on a game streaming service and an Android-based gaming console.

It looks like Google is planning to launch a game streaming service to take on the likes of PlayStation and Xbox. We’ve been hearing rumors of a subscription-based game streaming service — codenamed Yeti — from as far back as February, with the company said to be working on an Android-based gaming console to complement the streaming service.

Jason Schreier over  [Read More…]

Google’s planning to re-brand Android Wear as ‘Wear OS’

Big things could be coming down the pipeline.

Android Wear is pretty much at a standstill right now. Fashion brands continue to release new hardware running the OS, but it’s been a hot minute since a major tech company has put any real time or effort into releasing new products with it. Thankfully, Google appears to be planning a complete rebrand for Android Wear to breath new life into it.

Thanks to a screenshot from one Redditor  [Read More…]

You can start planning your Google I/O 2017 schedule now and reserve yourself a seat

Some changes mean you’ll want to sort out your schedule right away.

Google has filled in most of the details for the Google I/O 2017 schedule of events and you can start selecting and planning out which ones you want to attend.

At the I/O 2017 website, you can see all the talks and presentations for all three days of the event and choose the ones you’re interested in attending. You can track changes and even get  [Read More…]

Samsung is planning to offer the Note 7 as a refurbished device

Samsung unveils plans for recycling and reusing recalled Note 7 phones.

As the world waits for the Samsung Galaxy S8 release, Samsung has announced its plans for recycling — and refurbishing — the millions of recalled Note 7 devices.

Back in February, Samsung denied it had plans to sell refurbished Note 7s in India and Vietnam but it has since changed its tune, stating “applicability is dependent upon consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers as well as  [Read More…]

Amazon planning huge Digital Day sale on Dec. 30 for apps, movies, games, and more

Amazon’s Digital Day sale will discount over 1,000 online-only titles.

Amazon’s Prime Day turned out to be a huge success, and the retailer is now looking to replicate the magic with its first-ever Digital Day sale. For one day only, December 30, Amazon will discount over 1,000 online titles, including apps, games, TV shows, movies, music, ebooks, and more.

Amazon is promising discounts of up to 80% on video games, 50% off on TV shows and  [Read More…]