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Facebook and India’s Jio begin testing a WhatsApp-based e-commerce platform

A pilot program is now live in three Indian cities.

What you need to know Reliance has begun testing its WhatsApp-backed JioMart online shopping portal in India. The e-commerce portal is now serving consumers in three cities around Mumbai. Consumers in the three cities can place an order by texting “Hi” to JioMart’s WhatsApp number 8850008000.

Last week, Facebook announced an investment of $ 5.7 billion in India’s Jio to bring millions of small businesses across the  [Read More…]

Zoom has fixed one of the biggest complaints about its platform

But only for paid customers…

What you need to know Zoom has fixed an issue with its service which saw data routed through China. It had previously emerged that call data was sent to China even if all the participants were based in the US. Zoom has now added controls for data routing for paid customers.

Zoom has fixed an issue with its platform that meant call data was being sent through servers in China, even if  [Read More…]

Google kills off App Maker, its low-code app development platform

January 19, 2021, is the day the service goes dark.

What you need to know Google is killing off App Maker, its low-code development platform. The service will shut down on the 19th of January 2021. Google cites low usage as the reason for the service’s demise and points users to alternate services.

Google is killing off App Maker, its low-code, drag and drop app creation tool for businesses. The firm made this announcement in a G  [Read More…]

Spotify to halt political ads on its platform next year

Spotify plans to reintroduce political ads to its platform once it has the tech to vet them.

What you need to know Spotify says it will “pause” political advertising on its platform in early 2020. The company will reintroduce political ads to its platform once it has all the resources necessary to “responsibly validate and review” them. Twitter banned political advertising on its platform last month, while Google’s new policy on political ads will come into effect  [Read More…]

Wave introduces the world’s first global virtual concert platform

Wave says its new platform enables unprecedented connectivity between artists and fans.

What you need to know Wave, formally known as TheWaveVR, today announced the world’s first multi-channel virtual entertainment platform for live concerts. The new platform makes it possible for artists to connect with fans in online games, social networks, live streaming channels or entertainment networks. These virtual concerts will be made available via YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and other popular digital and gaming channels.

Entertainment technology  [Read More…]

Twitter decides to ban all political advertising on its platform

Twitter says the move isn’t about free expression but paying for reach.

What you need to know Twitter has announced that it will be banning all political ads on its platform starting next month. Ads supporting voter registration, however, will still be allowed. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says the final policy will be made public by November 15.

Starting November 22, all political advertising on Twitter will be stopped globally. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wrote in a  [Read More…]

Android TV vs. Roku: Which smart TV platform is right for you?

Best for Roku Roku Ultra

$ 98 at Amazon

Pros 4K HDR streaming Works with Google Assistant and Alexa Lost remote function Huge selection of apps/channels Cheaper Roku options available Cons UI isn’t as sleek as Android TV Much weaker gaming features

If you’re more of a Roku person, the Roku Ultra is the best way to experience the platform. You get 4K HDR streaming, a powerful remote, and a bunch more. If the Ultra is  [Read More…]

Marvel Dimension of Heroes AR Experience comes to Lenovo Mirage AR platform

What you need to know The Lenovo Mirage AR app-enabled experience lets you become six iconic Marvel superheroes. Dimension of Heroes is the latest game for Lenovo’s Mirage AR, which released Star Wars Jedi Challenges back in 2017. The new bundle comes with two controllers, a tracking beacon and the Mirage AR headset.

You can now jump into the combat boots of six iconic Marvel superheroes with the new Lenovo Mirage AR headset and Marvel Dimension of Heroes.  [Read More…]

The FTC is investigating YouTube for not protecting kids on the platform

YouTube’s considered moving all children’s videos to the YouTube Kids app.

What you need to know The FTC is investigating YouTube for failing to protect children on the platform. The investigation is in its late stages and started back in 2015. YouTube’s considered taking all children’s videos off YouTube and moving them to YouTube Kids.

If it seems like there’s a new YouTube controversy every week, you wouldn’t be wrong. The video-sharing site has been under a  [Read More…]

Save 50% on the roguelike video game Enter the Gungeon on every platform

The Gun That Can Kill the Past.

The shoot ’em up roguelike video game Enter the Gungeon is down to $ 7.49 everywhere. Get it for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and find it on Steam for PC and Mac.

Survive as long as you can Enter the Gungeon video game

Roguelikes offer such a sense of accomplishment because every game gives you just one more little step forward. Eventually you feel like a complete badass. Of course,  [Read More…]