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Best sports video games to play while sports are delayed

Lean on these sports games to get your fill of athletic competition until the real thing returns.

Though it’s far from the most important thing right now, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has done the nearly unthinkable by bringing the sports world to a standstill. In the U.S. alone, the NBA, NHL, MLS and NASCAR all had to suspend their seasons, MLB pushed back Opening Day, and news about tennis and golf events being postponed seems to be  [Read More…]

Google One users get gifted $5 Play Store credit

It’s essentially a free month and a half of base Google One storage.

What you need to know Google One is Google’s paid storage subscription service. The company is now offering users of its service a $ 5 reward voucher. This can be redeemed across all of Google’s Play enabled devices to purchase apps, books, movies, and games.

If you have a Google One subscription, you would do well to check your email. A nice surprise might  [Read More…]

Use Stadia to play these games across your devices

Google has promised that it will bring 120 games to its new Stadia platform by 2020, including more than 10 titles with exclusive launches. The Stadia Pro subscription, which is currently the only way to use the service, includes some free games as part of the $ 10 per month fee. You’ll also get discounts on some game purchases and will be able to keep your library if you cancel once the free Stadia Base option becomes available later this  [Read More…]

Alexa can now play songs on Amazon Music that you actually asked for

Alexa can now play live songs, music in different languages, and more.

What you need to know Alexa now understands what different versions of songs are, including album, live, acoustic, and more. You can also request music in different languages, even music by your favorite artists. Alexa also has a more natural-sounding voice, and some albums will now be introduced by the artist themselves.

Amazon Music users in the U.S. can now ask Alexa far more specific  [Read More…]

AnTuTu’s apps removed from Play Store over connection with Cheetah Mobile

Guilt by association.

What you need to know The popular suite of AnTuTu benchmarking apps has been removed from the Google Play Store. It was most likely due to its association with Cheetah Mobile after Google recently purged all of CM’s apps for violating Play Store policies. In a statement, AnTuTu ensures that Cheetah Mobile is only an investor and has nothing to do with the operations at the company.

In February, Google made the announcement that  [Read More…]

The Google Play Store is getting a dark theme toggle

The server-side test is currently limited to a few Android 10 phones.

What you need to know Google has quietly added a new Theme setting for some Android 10 devices. The setting lets users switch between Light, Dark, and System default modes. It is possible that a wider rollout will begin within the next few weeks.

Google began rolling out dark theme support for the Play Store in September last year. However, unlike a few other Google  [Read More…]

Make the perfect play with these PlayStation 4 sports games

Sports games have wide appeal, letting you live your fantasy of crafting the perfect team and leading your favorite players to victory. They give you a way to enjoy your favorite sport during the off-season or try games that would be impossible, or at least illegal, in the real world. Whether your a hardcore fan or a casual competitor, the PlayStation 4 has a wide selection of titles to choose from.

Featured favorite Rocket League

Why  [Read More…]

Google pulls 600 apps from the Play Store for serving ‘disruptive’ ads

The search giant says it will continue to invest in developing new technologies to help detect such ads.

What you need to know Google has removed 600 apps from the Play Store for showing out-of-context ads to users. Cheetah Mobile is among the big developers that have been banned from the Play Store. The removed apps had been installed over 4.5 billion times and mainly targeted English-speaking users.

Google has announced that it has removed nearly 600  [Read More…]

Can I play my Steam games on GeForce Now?

Best answer: Yes! NVIDIA GeForce Now supports over 400 games, most of which are playable through your Steam library. GeForce Now also supports more than 1,000 games that can be played through single-session installs, which also utilizes your Steam library. In essence, if you own a game on Steam, there’s an extremely high chance you can play it on GeForce Now.

Try it now: NVIDIA GeForce Now (Free at NVIDIA) Play it using GeForce Now: Borderlands 3  [Read More…]

PS5 movie time! Can the PS5 play 4K Blu-ray movies?

Best answer: Yes, PlayStation has stepped up its home entertainment game with a 4K Blu-ray drive. Blu-ray movies have been in the cards for a couple generations now, but now Sony has caught up and included 4K.

Pick your favorite films: Amazon Gift Card (From $ 10 at Amazon) The old consoles

Sony did movie fans a huge favor by including a Blu-ray player in the PlayStation 3, considering this was a brand new technology that released  [Read More…]