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Sony says the ‘overwhelming majority’ of PS4 games will be playable on PS5

Sony has offered such sorely-needed clarity regarding backward compatibility in its upcoming console.

What you need to know Earlier this week, Sony revealed the specs of the PlayStation 5. Due to the way comments by lead architect Mark Cerny were phrased, confusion ensued over the number of backward compatible PS4 games that would run on PS5. Sony has issued an update to provide more context. Players can expect the “vast majority” of PS4 games to run on  [Read More…]

Minecraft Earth early access is now playable in New Zealand and Iceland

The Minecraft Earth open beta expands to two different countries.

What you need to know Minecraft Earth is currently in open beta testing. This early access is rolling out across different countries at different times. Players in New Zealand and Iceland can now play Minecraft Earth in early access. Other countries will be announced in the future.

Earlier this year, we reported that Minecraft Earth open beta would begin rolling out in October, with different countries getting  [Read More…]

Jump Force will have almost 40 playable characters; here’s the list so far

Goku, Naruto, and Luffy, oh my!

Can Naruto use his Shadow Clone Jutsu to beat a Super Saiyan? Is Killua strong enough to take on Yugi Moto and his team of monsters? Can Goku manage to best Luffy on the high seas? Find out next time on… DRAGON BALL Z.

Oh, sorry, just getting a bit excited about the anime mashup fighting game Jump Force. All those fantasy scenarios above will be possible in a game that  [Read More…]