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“Play Mr. Muffles”; Spotify will now create a ‘pet playlist’ for you

What you need to know Spotify is debuting a new type of playlist this week, one that’s based on your pet. The playlist uses the magic of artificial intelligence and some user-provided information to meld your tastes with your pet’s. The streaming giant says it was inspired by a survey suggesting 71% of pet owners play music for their pet, while 80% believe their pet likes music.

“Have I got a pawfect playlist for ya!” No, that’s not  [Read More…]

YouTube Music’s new ‘Released’ playlist has the top 50 tracks of the week

New playlist comes out every Friday.

What you need to know YouTube Music now has a new ‘Released’ playlist which comes out each Friday. The playlist will include the “hottest 50 songs” of the week. The playlist is similar to Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ and Apple Music’s ‘New Music Daily’.

YouTube Music has been on a roll here recently adding new features. The latest one is a new “Released” playlist spotted by 9to5Google, which features “The hottest  [Read More…]

Spotify Android app will finally let you reposition songs in a playlist


Spotify is one of the world’s largest music streaming services, but despite this, its Android app isn’t quite up to snuff with its iOS and desktop counterparts. However, the company recently confirmed that it’s finally addressing one of the features Android users have been asking for the most — playlist re-ordering.

As it currently stands, you can use the Spotify Android app to create a playlist and add/remove songs to it. Unfortunately, if you  [Read More…]

Brag about your Chromecast Ultra with this 4K YouTube playlist

You don’t have to look any further than YouTube for some great 4K.

The Chromecast Ultra can handle 4K streaming like a champ, and if you have a 4K TV you’ll be looking to get as much 4K content as possible. The problem is most of what you’ll find today is still 1080p. The @Chromecast account has your back, though, pointing out that there’s a great 4K-only YouTube playlist available that’ll show off your great Chromecast Ultra and 4K  [Read More…]

Apple Music beta gains support for Sonos, iTunes playlist folders and more

The Apple Music beta for Android has gained some new features, including support for Sonos and playlist folders that are created in iTunes. Apple Music is set to make its way to Sonos in beta form on December 15, so this likely lays the groundwork for that compatibility.

See all of Motorola’s new product videos in one playlist

Motorola wants you to know about their new 2014 product line. We’re peering over it all ourselves, and will keep filling you in on everything we can find, but we know that an Android fan can never get enough.

Moto has pumped out a slew of new product videos, and we figured whipping them all into one easy-to-watch playlist was the best way to watch them all. Take a peek yourself, this is some pretty cool  [Read More…]

This is the Android Central Podcast YouTube playlist

In case you missed the news earlier, we’ve decided to discontinue the standalone, downloadable video version of the Android Central Podcast. All that means is you won’t have a feed with which to download and watch the podcast offline.

We are still doing the Android Central Podcast. (We’re recording live again this Friday afternoon. I hope you join us.) And we still have video for those who actually like seeing us. You’ll just have to watch it online, on  [Read More…]

Google Play Music app updated with playlist editing and sharing

A new update to the Google Play Music app for Android is rolling out this morning with a couple of new playlist-related features. Update to the new Play Music version 5.5.1509O adds the ability to edit and share your playlists from directly within the app, two things users were previously only able to through the web interface. After updating you’ll find both options in the overflow menu next to each playlist.

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