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Podcast Addict suspended from Play Store due to new COVID-19 policy

Podcasts about COVID-19 exist, therefore Podcast Addict is a Covid-19 app.

What you need to know Podcast Addict pulled from the Google Play Store as a result of new COVID-19 rules. Google currently bans apps from “referencing COVID-19” unless they are endorsed by public health agencies. Some podcasts which can be accessed on the app do reference the virus and associated disease, triggering the ban.

The Play Store’s policies currently warn “any apps referencing COVID-19, or related  [Read More…]

Google Project Zero’s new policy allows more time to fix bugs

It’s a 12-month trial with an end of year review.

What you need to know Google is changing its Project Zero disclosure policy for 2020. Google will no longer disclose vulnerabilities and bugs before the end of the 90-day period, allowing firms time for more thorough patching. This is a 12-month policy trial with a re-evaluation period at the end of the year.

Google’s Project Zero is undergoing a minor overhaul in 2020 — Google will trial  [Read More…]

You should ditch Spotify until it ditches its latest policy

Spotify doesn’t need to get your location “from time to time” to take your money or play your music.

I’m saying goodbye to Spotify this week, and if you care about privacy, you may want to as well. At least until it figures out that we don’t want the company tracking our location in order to have a family plan.

That’s what is happening here. Spotify’s family plan is super cheap, and the rules say everyone participating  [Read More…]

There’s a whole new privacy policy in the Nextbit Robin Nougat update

The transition to Razer as the parent company is complete.

There’s some language in the Nougat update for the Nextbit Robin, which rapidly moved from final beta to public release in the last 24 hours, explaining a small change in the privacy policy due thanks to the new parent company. Now that Razer owns Nextbit, all of the legal details surrounding how a phone is used falls to Razer. The privacy policy itself isn’t wildly different from the Nextbit  [Read More…]

Google updates its Play Developer Policy Center making it easier to find policies and more

Google has updated its Play Developer Policy Center to make things a bit more transparent for developers. Along with a Material Design-inspired refresh, Google is making it easier for developers to find relevant policies and more. Based on feedback from the community, Google was able to identify pain points for developers, and make some changes that make things easier on them. The company outlines the key changes as:

Thematic organization of policies, so it is easier for  [Read More…]

Amazon India ends return policy for mobile phones

Amazon India has notified buyers that they won’t be able to return mobile phones bought from the online retailer. The new policy is only applicable to mobile phones that are fulfilled by Amazon. Buyers will be eligible for getting the device replaced only if the product is defective or was damaged during transit, and not by citing the No longer needed option. The replacement is available for a duration of 10-days from delivery of the product.

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Twitter makes policy changes to help combat abusive users

Twitter has announced some changes in its policies, along with some revised enforcement options, designed to combat the abusive users of its social network.

The changes include expanding the definitions of Twitter’s violent threats policy, along with more options for the company’s service team to lock out accounts.

Privacy policy on the Moto X

Privacy and smartphones is something of a popular — and important! — topic, especially after the last few years of spying scandals and security breaches. It’s often not clear how much data from your device is being collected, not just by your apps and by Google, but by the manufacturers. It’s also often unclear just how to turn that off on your phone should you wish to not have your data being shared with them.

Well,  [Read More…]

Verizon updates ETF policy, fee won’t decrease until 8th month of contract

Everyone hates early termination fees, but starting today, Verizon Wireless customers may hate theirs just a little bit more.

Verizon has made a change to its customer agreement that makes it so that your ETF won’t start to decline until the eighth month of your contract. For advanced devices, your ETF will start at $ 350 and will go down by $ 10 each month in months 8-18, $ 20 each month in months 19-23 and $ 60 in the  [Read More…]

Google updates developer policy, we hope they enforce it

Google sent out an email to Android app developers this afternoon, letting them know about some changes to the Google Play Developer Program policy. While Android is open source and free to distribute and build, to get Google’s stamp of approval and access to Google Play there are rules everyone must follow. Getting an app published to Google play is no different.

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