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BioLite Portable Grill and KettlePot review – cook food and charge your phone

The BioLite Campstove has been around for a little while, offering the gadget-obssessed a way of keeping their toys alive when out in the wilderness. The whole affair uses a wood-burning stove paired with a thermoelectric generator that trickle charges a single device over USB. A smart design and built-in fan helps keep the fire stoked.

This summer I got to try out two cooking attachments for the stove: the KettlePot and the Portable Grill. If  [Read More…]

SiriusXM unveils the Android-powered Lynx portable radio

SiriusXM Lynx

SiriusXM today unveiled its latest portable satellite radio — the Lynx — and wouldn’t ya know it, this sucker’s running Android. Actually, it’s running an unknown version of Android, and if we hadn’t told you, chances are you wouldn’t even notice. It’s being billed as “everything you can imagine,” and it’s a triple threat as a dockable in-car satellite radio, or you can use it with a home docking kit, or  [Read More…]

Time to Tab my way: portable media center


When the weather permits I’m the kind of fella who likes to sit outside and enjoy a bit of fresh air.  That doesn’t mean I like to sit quietly and enjoy nature though — I need to take my toys out with me.  That means a laptop to do a little work with, and now my Galaxy Tab 10.1 with the multimedia dock and a set of desktop speakers from my local  [Read More…]