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Improve your posture in 2 weeks with this best-selling device

Working on your posture is harder than it sounds. Despite the plethora of advice and encouragement you’ve likely received from your doctor or concerned family members, traditional methods to improve your posture always seem to lead more to pain than gain, and it’s not unlikely that you’ve already resigned yourself to a life of uncomfortable and unhealthy slumping.

But that would be a big mistake, given the fact that improving your posture can lead to a much healthier and  [Read More…]

Master the poop posture for less than $20 with this Squatty Potty deal

The Squatty Potty is one of those products that you didn’t know you needed until you start using one. The bathroom toilet stool helps you maintain the ideal squatting posture when you’re on the throne, allowing you to finish your business faster and easier. That alone makes the product worthy of consideration, and for Cyber Monday it is picking up an attractive 20% discount, bringing the price down to just $ 20.

This is the real deal Squatty Potty  [Read More…]

Protect your laptop and your posture with Moft’s Black Friday deal

Whether you want to elevate your keyboard, your screen, or just protect the bottom of your laptop, this is very much worth the investment.

When the MOFT Laptop Stand showed up on my doorstep alongside its newest tablet and phone stands, I shrugged and set it aside for weeks. I didn’t really understand the appeal for a laptop stand that stays stuck to your laptop for the life of the machine, but after a month, I stuck it on  [Read More…]