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Here’s what the revamped Android 11 power menu will look like

Android 11’s Power Menu will work better with smart home devices

What you need to know Android’s power button menu will get built-in smart home controls with Android 11. Hints of the upcoming feature were spotted in developer documentation earlier in the year. New screenshots show us what the finished product might look like.

Google is continuing the revamp of Android’s power button menu it started this year. With the second Pixel Feature Drop, it added Cards  [Read More…]

Where to buy the Moto G Stylus and Moto G Power

Best answer: The Moto G Stylus and Moto G Power are now available for purchase as unlocked devices from Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, and Motorola’s own website. If you’d prefer to buy the phones through your carrier, availability differs slightly between the two models.

For creatives: Moto G Stylus ($ 300 at Amazon) Massive battery: Moto G Power ($ 250 at Amazon) You can buy unlocked models of the Moto G Stylus and G Power at a  [Read More…]

Do you need all of Todoist’s power, or will Microsoft To Do “do” the job


De-facto choice

Free (w/ IAP) at Google Play

Pros Natural Language Parsing Two-way Calendar syncing Available on all major platforms Karma system keeps task management fun Cons Must pay to unlock all features No team collaboration features

Todoist continues to be the to-do app that everyone comes back to after test-driving the new and shiny cars. New coats of paint and a slight overhaul have turned Todoist back into the flexible king of to  [Read More…]

Is the iPhone SE really worth $150 more than the Moto G Power?

Best for less Moto G Power

$ 250 at Motorola

Pros Three-day battery life Large display with slim bezels Rear cameras are lots of fun Expandable storage Has a 3.5mm headphone jack Cons Lacks NFC Motorola’s poor update policy

Want a quality smartphone while spending hardly any cash? The Moto G Power is a fantastic choice. This is a solid all-around device, offering good performance, a decent LCD display, and rear cameras that offer a lot  [Read More…]

These heavy duty cases are great to keep your G Power chugging along

Motorola has a chance to surprise everyone in the budget market again with the Moto G Power. This handset sports a beautiful 6.4-inch display, while being powered by the Snapdragon 665 and 4GB of RAM. The best part is the included 5,000mAh battery, which could last you up to three days with regular use. So why not get a rugged case to keep the G Power chugging along without getting damaged in the process? Here are the best Moto G  [Read More…]

AC Podcast 469: Moto G Power and Moto G Stylus

Doug Michau, executive director of North American business development at Motorola, speaks with Daniel Bader and Joe Maring about the Moto G Power and Moto G Stylus. They also discuss how Motorola works to create the right experiences for their customers through hardware and software design.

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Links: Moto G Power review: More battery, less  [Read More…]

Why you should get the cheaper Moto G Power over the G Stylus

Best for most Moto G Power

$ 250 at Motorola

Pros Three-day battery life Ultra-wide camera for photos and videos Capable processor Clean and fun software Super competitive price Cons 64GB base storage No NFC

Even though it isn’t the “flagship” Moto G for 2020, we think the Moto G Power is the better of the two phones for most people. A vast majority of the specs are identical across the board, with the G Power  [Read More…]

Need a new phone? Pre-orders are open for the Moto G Stylus and G Power

Official sales begin on April 16.

What you need to know Pre-orders are now live for the Moto G Stylus and Moto G Power. Official sales begin on Thursday, April 16. The G Stylus costs $ 300 while the G Power is going for $ 250.

This past February, Motorola unveiled its latest budget Android offerings in the form of the Moto G Stylus and Moto G Power. We were able to go hands-on with the devices  [Read More…]

The PlayStation 5 has 10.28 teraflops of power. Here’s what that means.

Best answer: A teraflop measures the compute power of a system. For a console like the PlayStation 5, a 10.28-teraflop GPU means the ability to deliver much more immersive and life-like visuals.

Game on: PlayStation Store Gift Card (From $ 10 at Amazon) What is a teraflop?

Sony has shared more details on the PlayStation 5, and the upcoming console will feature 10.28 teraflops of GPU power. That’s nearly six times as powerful as the original PlayStation  [Read More…]

An AI breakthrough could significantly improve Oculus Quest rendering power

Super-resolution scaling has proven to be a winner for Google and NVIDIA, and Oculus could soon be using it as well.

What you need to know Facebook’s AI division has found a way to utilize super-resolution rendering to improve Oculus Quest performance. This technique has been utilized by companies like Google and NVIDIA in the past and has proven to deliver amazing results. Facebook is not committing to a timeline for the possible update and maintains that  [Read More…]