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Pixel phones in 2021 could be powered by Google’s custom 5nm chipset

A new report from Axios suggests Google is working on custom chipsets that could end up in the 2021 Pixel lineup.

What you need to know Google is said to have made “significant progress” in developing its own chipset. The chipset is codenamed Whitechapel, and is set to power Pixel phones as early as next year. Google is said to be teaming up with Samsung over the manufacture of the chipset on the foundry’s 5nm node.

Google  [Read More…]

All the MVNOs powered by T-Mobile

If you’re a fan of T-Mobile’s coverage but are looking for a better deal, check out an MVNO.

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are “alternative carriers” that lease coverage and network access from the “Big Four” carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint) and can offer similar levels of service at a lower cost. T-Mobile has a ton of MVNOs that operate on its network thanks to its strong coverage and its GSM network that supports most unlocked  [Read More…]

Galaxy S11 could come powered by the Snapdragon 865 chipset in most markets

The Snapdragon 865 variant of the Galaxy S11 could be more widely available than the Exynos 990 variant.

What you need to know A new report out of South Korea claims the Snapdragon 865-powered Galaxy S11 will not be exclusive to the U.S., Japan, and China. Unlike the company’s 2019 flagships, the Snapdragon 865-powered Galaxy S11 will apparently be sold in a large number of countries. The Exynos 990-powered Galaxy S11 variants will be limited to Europe.  [Read More…]

Introducing the Smartphone Photography eCourse, powered by Android Central

It takes just 1.5 hours to become a better mobile photographer.

Our smartphones are increasingly cameras first, communicators second. For many people, a phone is the only camera they own, used for everything from casual snapshots to professional portraits and award-winning landscapes.

But as the number of sensors and lenses on our phones skyrocket, so does the complexity of actually taking and editing photos. What lens should I use for this shot? What edits does it need to  [Read More…]

Photoshop Camera coming in 2020 with live view filters powered by AI

Will also feature filters from ‘well-known artists and influencers.’

What you need to know Photoshop Camera is coming for iOS and Android in 2020. There is a limited preview version that you can sign up to try out right now. Photoshop Camera will apply filters and effects before or after taking a photo and uses Adobe’s Sensei AI to help choose or apply effects depending on what is in the photo.

Adobe may have just released Photoshop  [Read More…]

Huawei Nova 5 will be powered by an all-new 7nm Kirin chipset

Unlike the current Kirin 710, Kirin 810 will be fabricated on a more efficient 7nm process

What you need to know The Huawei Nova will be the company’s first smartphone to be powered by a 7nm mid-range SoC, believed to be called the Kirin 810. Kirin 810 will succeed the Kirin 710, which was announced by HiSilicon last year. Huawei is slated to unveil the Nova 5 series smartphones in China on June 21.

Huawei will be  [Read More…]

Get powered up with Topgreener wall chargers on sale today

Don’t get caught with a dead device.

The Topgreener TPUQC3 Quick Charge 3.0 18W single-port wall charger is down to $ 10.99 on Amazon. That’s $ 2 off its regular price and the best we’ve seen. This is a pretty new charger that just showed up on Amazon in February, so today’s deal is its first one ever.

More Power Topgreener TPUQC3 Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger

Not the only item on sale, but it’s the least  [Read More…]

Stay powered up anywhere with Enkeeo’s portable power station for $87

Nothin’ says roughin’ it in the wild like a well-charged smartphone!

The Enkeeo 155Wh portable power station solar electric generator is down to $ 87.49 with a $ 10 off on-page coupon and the coupon code 336ULMDW on Amazon. This power station has sold for around $ 130 since mid-February and has never dropped below $ 120 directly. Today’s deal is the best price we’ve seen.

As a portable power source, the generator can hold 155Wh, which  [Read More…]

Keep your headphones powered with 60% off SoundPeats’ charging case

Charge forever.

Take 60% off the SoundPeats Bluetooth headphones portable charging case and bring the total down to $ 5.20 on Amazon. The case sells for $ 13 without this promotion, and it was going for as much as $ 20 at the beginning of March.

You know how true wireless earbuds like the Jabra Elite 65t come with their own cases with batteries built in? Well, that’s what this case is except it’s for regular Bluetooth  [Read More…]

Keep everything powered up with $42 off the Suaoki portable generator

All kinds of power.

The Suaoki Portable Power Station 150 Wh camping generator has dropped to $ 84.49 thanks to a $ 10 off on-page coupon and the coupon code 25WBN7M6 that takes another $ 31.50 off the price. The generator regularly sells for $ 126 or more and does not drop in price without deals like this.

The Suaoki is an on-the-go power source with a bunch of different connectivity options. It has two AC outlets,  [Read More…]