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The best kitchen products you can control by voice using Google Assistant

While you might not initially think that you need voice control in the kitchen, it can be a game-changer. Your hands are probably dirty while you’re in the kitchen cooking up a storm, or, you’re busy multitasking as you prepare a meal. Imagine still being able to adjust songs on your playlist, pause a recipe video you’re following to grab the ingredient you need or find out how many ounces are in a gram without having to tap the screen  [Read More…]

Kevin Durant, Master & Dynamic offering limited-edition audio products

What you need to know Two new limited-edition products have been announced. Neither will go on sale; instead, there’s a free giveaway on Instagram. Try to win a free pair starting on May 7.

Two of the hottest names in personal audio and basketball have teamed up in a fun, new way. New York-based Master & Dynamic and Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant have announced the launch of two new audio products that celebrate the ever-growing connection between basketball  [Read More…]

Amazon ordered to stop shipping non-essential products in France

Amazon’s working conditions have been criticized as a “health bomb” by workers.

What you need to know Amazon has been ordered to limit its shipping to essential times in France within the next 24 hours. The company is to institute measures aimed at preserving employee safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. This restriction will last for 30 days, with a ₤1 million fine issued for violations.

Amazon France has been ordered to ship only essential products for the  [Read More…]

Here are all the phones and products being delayed due to the coronavirus

The coronavirus has caused interminable delays in the smartphone industry.

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the globe, with the pandemic claiming over 40,000 lives. With factories around the world grinding to a halt, the virus has had a profound impact on the smartphone industry: shipments in Q1 2020 down by almost 40% from the same time a year ago.

Here are the phones and products that have been delayed due to the coronavirus:

Xiaomi Mi 10  [Read More…]

These smart products can help you keep your place clean

Spring is just around the corner. Know what that means? It’s (hopefully) the end of freezing weather in your part of the country, a chance to get outside to bask in Mother Nature, and, of course, the perfect time for some household cleaning! Whether you count yourself among the 76% of Americans who partake in spring cleaning annually or not, here are five smart cleaning tools currently available in the Android Central Digital Offers Shop that can help streamline this  [Read More…]

Why smart products that require a smartphone app aren’t always a smart buy

Your phone is probably on your person and working right now. But that’s not always the case.

I will go out on a limb and say that everyone reading this has a smartphone within reach at this very moment. In fact, most people reading this are doing so on their smartphones. Our phones have become an extension of our arms and we depend on them for a lot of things.

Unfortunately, I’m seeing other products that also  [Read More…]

5 unique products to help you learn a new language in 2020

Learning a new language doesn’t just make it easier and more enjoyable to travel to your favorite destinations abroad—it’s also been known to enhance your memory, sharpen your mind, and diminish the cognitive effects of aging. But far too many people give up on their goals to learn a new language because even some of the most popular language-learning platforms rely on boring and monotonous memorization and repetition.

The five resources below will help you learn the language  [Read More…]

Here are all the products announced at CES 2020 that you can actually buy

CES 2020 has come and gone, and like we see every year, there were two distinct groups of things that were announced — actual products you’ll be able to buy and jaw-dropping concepts that’ll never hit store shelves. Today, we’re focusing on the former of those groups and highlighting all of the products announced at CES 2020 you can buy right now. There’s a lot to go over, so without further ado, let’s dive in.

Checks all the boxes  [Read More…]

Sonos CEO responds to backlash, will continue to update legacy products

Let’s try this again.

What you need to know Sonos recently announced that it would be ending support for some of its older speakers in May 2020. Following a lot of backlash, Sonos reassures that legacy speakers won’t be bricked in any way. It’s also working on a way to split your system between old and current devices.

Sonos found itself in the middle of the spotlight this week, and not for the right reasons. The company  [Read More…]

Get a Jetsons-like experience with wacky bathroom products at CES 2020

From smart speakers in your shower head to smart toilets — what a time to be alive.

CES 2020 kicks off this week in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it is bringing some innovative new tech products to your … bathroom, of all places. Yes, someone out there must have been dreaming of an intelligent toilet that can clean itself, and now those dreams have come true! Or maybe someone else has been itching for a smart bathtub  [Read More…]