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You’ll finally be able to play Pistol Whip on PSVR this Summer

Getting your legs worked out like never before, and with brand new content to boot.

What you need to know Pistol Whip debuts on PSVR in Summer 2020. The PSVR version of Pistol Whip will include all the updates and new levels that have been added since the original November 2019 launch of the game. Cloudhead Games is teasing a slew of additional content updates after the PSVR version launches.

Pistol Whip is finally shooting its way  [Read More…]

Could this be PS5’s new PSVR 2 display?

Probably not, and here’s why.

What you need to know A new LCD display panel from JDI built specifically for VR has entered mass production and is currently being used in upcoming XR headsets. JDI’s new display sports an incredible 1,058 ppi density, or more than double the density of most other VR displays. While Sony is a stakeholder in JDI, it’s unlikely this will be used for the PSVR 2 for a number of reasons.

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Dreams PSVR support is coming soon and the game is already running on PS5

New features are on the way and PlayStation 5 support is confirmed.

What you need to know Dreams is, essentially, a game engine turned into a game, developed by Media Molecule. According to a new interview with Eurogamer, PlayStation VR support for Dreams is almost done. Media Molecule also indicated that Dreams is already running on PlayStation 5. You can grab Dreams for PlayStation 4 for $ 60 from Amazon.

Media Molecule worked on Dreams for several  [Read More…]

Space Channel 5 VR makes the jump to PSVR this month, Quest/PC soon

Get ready for a kinda funky news flash!

What you need to know Space Channel 5 releases on the PS4 for PSVR on February 25 for $ 39.99. A PC and Oculus Quest version are still listed as “coming soon”. This is the first entry into the series since the Dreamcast/PS2 release of Space Channel 5: Part 2 in 2002.

If you owned a Dreamcast 20 years ago, it’s likely that you’ve either played or at least  [Read More…]

Beat Saber just gained three free songs on Steam, PSVR, and Oculus

Beat Saber’s library of music continues to expand with three new songs from Cametek.

What you need to know Beat Saber just added three free songs from Cametek. The songs come with the latest update to the popular rhythmic game. The songs are available on Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Oculus Store.

Beat Games just added three new songs to the popular rhythmic game Beat Saber. All three songs are from the artist Cametek and come  [Read More…]

Can I use my PSVR on PlayStation 5?

Best answer: Yes, Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible with the PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset. Your headset and games will carry over into the next generation.

Build your library: PlayStation Store Gift Card (From $ 10 at Amazon) Can I use my PSVR on PlayStation 5?

Yes. While Sony is almost certainly working on a newer version of the PSVR headset, it won’t be ready to launch alongside the PlayStation 5. As  [Read More…]

Don’t worry, Pistol Whip is still coming to PSVR

Beat Saber for arm day, Pistol Whip for leg day.

What you need to know Pistol Whip is a rhythm shooter inspired by Beat Saber, Super Hot VR, and the John Wick movies. Cloudhead Games confirms it’s still working on the title for PSVR and that it’s coming soon. It’s a great way to give your legs a workout since most VR games tend to focus on your arms.

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Valve says Half-Life: Alyx isn’t coming to PSVR yet

The next Half-Life game isn’t coming to PSVR…yet.

What you need to know Valve recently announced Half-Life: Alyx for PC VR. Many PlayStation VR owners have wondered if a port could be in the works. Valve has confirmed that a port is not happening at the moment but that it has “not ruled anything out.”

Since Valve officially revealed Half-Life: Alyx, many PlayStation VR owners have been wondering if a port of the game for Sony’s VR  [Read More…]

PS4 Black Friday deals in 2019: PS4 Slim, Pro & huge PSVR discounts

Black Friday is a great time to buy a new console for yourself or someone else. Almost all of them are on sale, some huge bundles will be available, and the accessories are all discounted as well. We’ve already seen ads from retailers that showcase some steep savings on PlayStation 4 consoles, so now you just need to make your own purchase decision.

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Long-awaited PSVR exclusive Golem release window set for this fall

Control honorable, humongous homonculi in the PSVR-exclusive game Golem

What you need to know Golem, the PSVR exclusive first announced in December 2015, finally has a release window. The game is set to be released sometime this fall. In Golem, you play as an injured child named Twine, who can create and control powerful, massive golems. The soundtrack was composed by ‘Marty’ Martin O’Donnell, well-known for his work on some of the Halo games.

Golem is almost  [Read More…]